Kitty Cat (Art by Myself)

2021.09.22 07:27 xeosia Kitty Cat (Art by Myself)

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2021.09.22 07:27 ZuluClowder Succulent Mandarin Oranges...nothing else to see here!

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2021.09.22 07:27 madoka_is_best_girl (I’m the pink one) I feel bad :(

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2021.09.22 07:27 CaptainTacoface1 Hermitcraft 8 Daily Recap: September 21, 2021 (Day 95)

Thank you to Richlearner at HermitCraft's Discord for contributing to today's recap
Previous Recap Seed -7381235180058670651
Episodes Welsknight is catching up with the server after a broken monitor and illness got in the way of recording. He shows some clips from the past couple weeks, starting with his efforts in helping Doc defeat the two withers that got loose in the Octagon industrial district. After a dogfight alongside a few hermits, they manage to defeat them, so Wels heads back to his base. He is confronted by Xisuma, who tries to persuade him in joining the Evil Empire. Wels is hesitant at first, but he eventually caves in to Xisuma’s demands after citing their long-time friendship. He starts building a new shop beside the Evil Emporium, using a similar deepslate block palette as the other nearby shops with a spruce interior. The inside of the shop resembles a library, since Wels is planning to sell books. He then meets up with Joe, who cashes in his IOU so that Wels can help decorate his automatic flower farm in a medieval design. Wels charges Joe a few diamonds for resources, planning to start decorating the farm in the next episode.
VintageBeef has a good idea for how to advertise his cat food, so he heads to the Nether to mine some glowstone. He crafts some redstone lamps and black concrete, then puts on a Grian head to hide his deformed face. He heads to the Evil Empire, where he finds xB wandering around the area. He shows xB the staking machine that Xisuma built, attempting to explain the mechanics behind it amidst his own confusion. Beef then starts decorating his shop, building a giant flashing arrow made of lamps that points to a can of cat food on display, along with a large wood door. He goes back to the Nether to harvest some wart blocks, then continues decorating the shop interior, adding chests to hold stock and various trapdoors scattered along the floor to make the build feel “unpleasant”. He adds some custom crimson trees, then asks the audience to name some of his new food items he is selling.
Iskall participates in the Make-A-Wish event back on Day 83, where Pillbug9 and Mumbo dispense a curse of binding elytra onto him after completing 1000 days in the No Wings Club. He flies around for the first time, but soon realises that his elytra has lost its durability, so he is forced to kill himself to get the wings off for repair. After finding a mending book, he buys an unbreaking 3 book from The Book Nook. He forgets his diamonds and pays with Derpcoin, doubting the value of the fake currency. After repairing his elytra, Iskall checks on what Etho has been building. He reads a message from Etho, stating that he has provided some tridents and black ink sacs for dark prismarine to sell in the shop. Iskall collects the profits from The Lantern and stocks it with his newly obtained dark prismarine and tridents. He terraforms the starter area and builds a cactus farm, later discussing some reasons for his absence from the server, mainly citing the development and release of Vault Hunters.
TinfoilChef finishes the collection system for his tree farm. He makes his way to the Nether hub, looking to go on a shopping trip for the day. He encounters Impulse’s gold farm while travelling, then finds his way to Boatem to explore around the various bases. He stumbles around the area looking for some shops that would be of value, but he only ends up buying shroomlights from Impulse’s Nether Wood iEver. After his brief adventure, he makes his way back home, where he brainstorms some ideas on how to improve his tree farm collection system.
iJevin wants to add a new shop to his list of businesses. His gold farm collection system is overflowing, so he designs a piston contraption that moves his AFK platform out of the spawning radius periodically, as a means of allowing the hoppers to empty items. He captures some piglins for his bartering system and empties as much gold as he can into the input lines. After using up all his gold, he gets several double chests worth of items, so he heads back to the Overworld to begin building his new shop. Jevin uses a bastion reminiscent design, admiring how his future map of the enchanted swamp will look with additional landmarks. He stocks up the shop with his bartered items and sets some prices, opening it up for official business.
Streams GoodTimesWithScar: continues transporting more of his villagers and trading with them, terraforms the landscape around Boatem.
Rendog: tool repairing, plans some terraforming of Octagon Island, experiments with some block palettes, gets some inspiration from Cub’s canyon, shops at the Evil Empire, harvests some mushroom blocks and coral.

Continental Map
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2021.09.22 07:27 bot_neen Lesionados de atentado en Salamanca siguen graves de salud

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2021.09.22 07:27 Librallion Which should I keep?

No trait red magician
Durable anubis
Powerful emperor
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2021.09.22 07:27 SpilledCobra872 This probably wasn't the best template to use but you get the idea

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2021.09.22 07:27 ntwomey3 Stasis Super in UNDER 1 Minute

I was able to get my stasis super in under a minute on warlock using Ager's Scepter with Catalyst, and Mantle of Battle Harmony.
The fragments I used are Whisper of Fissures Whisper of Bonds Whisper of Refractions and Whisper of Hedrons
Super in Under a Minute
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2021.09.22 07:27 -kirby-reed- If you were to move to a anglophone country which one would it be?

Anglophone means English speaking btw
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2021.09.22 07:27 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 07:27 Herr_Rossi For which distance should I begin tri training as a runner?

Hi everyone,
I plan to do some triathlons in 2022 and currently try to plan my training.
Im primarily a runner (5-6 times a week, somewhere between 40-70 k/week, >2000 km/a for the last 2-3 years). I also ride my gravel bike in the summer and Im used to 50-150 km rides with +1000-2000 m of elevation at somewhere between 25-30 kmh. So I'm not a exceptional athlete by any means but some basic fitness is there.
However, I do not really swim. This is why my current plan is to follow my usual run/bike routine till the end of the year and start taking swimming lessons to get some basic routine and technique. Then Id like to start with a specific tri training plan (maybe 80/20?) in 2022 to be ready for some races starting in April/May 2022.
Since Im used to long runs and bike rides Im not really shy trying a 70.3, but my feeling is that it could be a good idea to start with a sprint race. Just to get a feeling for the whole thing. I usually am more comfortable with longer distances and slower pace.
So my questions are:

Thank you for your thoughts!
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2021.09.22 07:27 eggvoy Sleepy dog

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2021.09.22 07:27 greyish_sea Is it possible to always load one specific website instead of caching? (Windows 10 and Android Firefox)

When I am travelling I open the website every day to check for internet connectivity and get redirected to a captive portal - or not. I always have to refresh because if there is no Internet connection Firefox uses the cache, but I need the real data.
Is it possible to set firefox (Windows and Android) to always load this specific website completely, like CTRL+F5 or reload on Android? All other websites shall be cached as normal.
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2021.09.22 07:27 rajneesh7890 A good team is on its way to achieving the goal and will succeed. This project is really great, interesting and proud

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2021.09.22 07:27 gloomshot_bot [osu!] Top Ranked PP Plays of September 22 | Applett, Reedkatt, kamimomo, Lexalia, nanoya, NyanPotato, Im badeu at osu, Mlaw, ItzRedFenix, Ilitria, Skrowell

Clip # Title Author Curator Score Source Direct Link
#1 [00:00] Unlucky Morpheus - Angreifer Lexalia 1887616 680.25 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#2 [01:03] S3RL - Bass Slut (Original Mix) kamimomo 9489250 688.49 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#3 [01:43] Nanahira - Chikatto Chika Chika Mlaw 3126596 691.78 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#4 [02:44] Aqours - Kimeta yo Hand in Hand (TV Size) ItzRedFenix 11113213 700.4 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#5 [03:46] yuikonnu - Yume Chizu ItzRedFenix 11113213 710.04 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#6 [04:47] supercell - Mr.Downer Ilitria 9863652 722.54 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#7 [05:47] ONE OK ROCK - Start Again Skrowell 9694263 726.32 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#8 [06:45] BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance nanoya 12366071 731.02 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#9 [07:48] OxT - Clattanoia (TV Size) NyanPotato 13211727 749.52 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#10 [08:50] toby fox - Last Goodbye Applett 11184264 764.49 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#11 [09:52] Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Yomi yori Kikoyu, Koukoku no Tou to Honoo no Shoujo. Reedkatt 8335950 777.8 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#12 [10:56] Set It Off - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Ilitria 9863652 783.12 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
#13 [11:48] GYZE - HONESTY Im badeu at osu 8275006 786.23 osu_top_plays [CLICK]
Clip # | Created | Changes Made:--:|:--:|:--:
1 [00:00] | 2021-09-21 22:03:54.270000 | {"id": 3875128170, "user_id": 1887616, "accuracy": 0.9896096602078068, "mods": [], "score": 225935480, "max_combo": 3157, "passed": true, "perfect": false, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 37, "count_300": 2337, "count_geki": 557, "count_katu": 21, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "S", "created_at": "2021-09-20T18:13:36+00:00", "best_id": 3875128170, "pp": 680.252, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 868543, "difficulty_rating": 7.44, "id": 1815397, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 417, "user_id": 7715620, "version": "Das Gemetzel der rotblutfressenden Bestien", "accuracy": 9.4, "ar": 9.8, "bpm": 220, "convert": false, "count_circles": 1700, "count_sliders": 673, "count_spinners": 1, "cs": 4, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 6, "hit_length": 417, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2018-12-18T15:50:05+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 16821, "playcount": 363564, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "fb0c337b7c883cf8782b7d5a54556cd5"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "Unlucky Morpheus", "artist_unicode": "Unlucky Morpheus", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "IsomirDiAngelo", "favourite_count": 688, "hype": null, "id": 868543, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 363564, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "Angreifer", "title_unicode": "Angreifer", "track_id": null, "user_id": 7715620, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 90.25, "pp": 613.92743}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "AR", "default_group": "default", "id": 1887616, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": "2021-09-21T20:17:59+00:00", "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "Lexalia"}}#2 [01:03] | 2021-09-21 22:03:52.346000 | {"id": 3874455928, "user_id": 9489250, "accuracy": 0.9904489016236867, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 6881463, "max_combo": 535, "passed": true, "perfect": true, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 5, "count_300": 344, "count_geki": 75, "count_katu": 5, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "SH", "created_at": "2021-09-20T06:41:07+00:00", "best_id": 3874455928, "pp": 688.487, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 983911, "difficulty_rating": 5.97, "id": 2168768, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 138, "user_id": 2308676, "version": "Seductive Extra", "accuracy": 9.4, "ar": 9.2, "bpm": 175, "convert": false, "count_circles": 217, "count_sliders": 132, "count_spinners": 0, "cs": 4.5, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 5.3, "hit_length": 95, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2019-10-04T00:29:36+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 446391, "playcount": 2546928, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "97f034fb3f8ca9d66cc0609b903bdb70"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "S3RL", "artist_unicode": "S3RL", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "Fatfan Kolek", "favourite_count": 9064, "hype": null, "id": 983911, "nsfw": true, "play_count": 35584803, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "Bass Slut (Original Mix)", "title_unicode": "Bass Slut (Original Mix)", "track_id": 88, "user_id": 2308676, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 100, "pp": 688.487}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "JP", "default_group": "default", "id": 9489250, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": "2021-09-21T17:27:40+00:00", "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "kamimomo"}}#3 [01:43] | 2021-09-21 22:03:50.350000 | {"id": 3874545960, "user_id": 3126596, "accuracy": 0.9813519813519813, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 4323684, "max_combo": 410, "passed": true, "perfect": false, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 8, "count_300": 278, "count_geki": 55, "count_katu": 6, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "SH", "created_at": "2021-09-20T08:49:17+00:00", "best_id": 3874545960, "pp": 691.778, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 942642, "difficulty_rating": 6.14, "id": 1969946, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 88, "user_id": 5579871, "version": "Sotarks' 1+2 IQ", "accuracy": 9.5, "ar": 9.2, "bpm": 178, "convert": false, "count_circles": 196, "count_sliders": 90, "count_spinners": 0, "cs": 3.8, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 5.2, "hit_length": 87, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2019-05-07T01:39:30+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 668628, "playcount": 5289534, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "7badc2e55615edd937283309baf1ee53"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "Nanahira", "artist_unicode": "\u306a\u306a\u3072\u3089", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "Agatsu", "favourite_count": 3359, "hype": null, "id": 942642, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 18144747, "preview_url": "//", "source": "Kaguya-sama: Love Is War", "status": "ranked", "title": "Chikatto Chika Chika", "title_unicode": "\u30c1\u30ab\u3063\u3068\u30c1\u30ab\u5343\u82b1\u3063\u2661", "track_id": null, "user_id": 5579871, "video": true}, "weight": {"percentage": 32.3533544973709, "pp": 223.81338867482248}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "US", "default_group": "default", "id": 3126596, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": "2021-09-20T09:16:36+00:00", "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "Mlaw"}}#4 [02:44] | 2021-09-21 22:03:48.242000 | {"id": 3874179461, "user_id": 11113213, "accuracy": 0.9740566037735849, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 8969600, "max_combo": 606, "passed": true, "perfect": true, "statistics": {"count_50": 2, "count_100": 14, "count_300": 408, "count_geki": 78, "count_katu": 11, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "SH", "created_at": "2021-09-20T01:07:36+00:00", "best_id": 3874179461, "pp": 700.404, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 1315700, "difficulty_rating": 6.02, "id": 2726492, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 98, "user_id": 9426712, "version": "Happiness", "accuracy": 9.2, "ar": 9.3, "bpm": 191, "convert": false, "count_circles": 259, "count_sliders": 165, "count_spinners": 0, "cs": 4, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 5.6, "hit_length": 95, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2021-01-01T00:34:48+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 42810, "playcount": 459433, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "e4ff7df1cd6c9c442734ba64529c8399"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "Aqours", "artist_unicode": "Aqours", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "browiec", "favourite_count": 229, "hype": null, "id": 1315700, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 1095774, "preview_url": "//", "source": "\u30e9\u30d6\u30e9\u30a4\u30d6\uff01\u30b5\u30f3\u30b7\u30e3\u30a4\u30f3!!", "status": "ranked", "title": "Kimeta yo Hand in Hand (TV Size)", "title_unicode": "\u6c7a\u3081\u305f\u3088Hand in Hand (TV Size)", "track_id": null, "user_id": 9426712, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 95, "pp": 665.3838}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "UY", "default_group": "default", "id": 11113213, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": false, "last_visit": null, "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "ItzRedFenix"}}#5 [03:46] | 2021-09-21 22:03:46.174000 | {"id": 3874286487, "user_id": 11113213, "accuracy": 0.979002624671916, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 7322308, "max_combo": 523, "passed": true, "perfect": true, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 12, "count_300": 369, "count_geki": 87, "count_katu": 11, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "SH", "created_at": "2021-09-20T03:05:20+00:00", "best_id": 3874286487, "pp": 710.038, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 1068768, "difficulty_rating": 6.04, "id": 2237466, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 100, "user_id": 9426712, "version": "Dream", "accuracy": 9.2, "ar": 9.3, "bpm": 176, "convert": false, "count_circles": 251, "count_sliders": 130, "count_spinners": 0, "cs": 4, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 5.6, "hit_length": 97, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2019-11-27T20:17:50+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 328005, "playcount": 2492946, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "f0f1c372423ca883b886b27fe1854114"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "yuikonnu", "artist_unicode": "\u3086\u3044\u3053\u3093\u306c", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "browiec", "favourite_count": 1585, "hype": null, "id": 1068768, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 8993016, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "Yume Chizu", "title_unicode": "\u5922\u5730\u56f3", "track_id": null, "user_id": 9426712, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 100, "pp": 710.038}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "UY", "default_group": "default", "id": 11113213, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": false, "last_visit": null, "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "ItzRedFenix"}}#6 [04:47] | 2021-09-21 22:03:44.273000 | {"id": 3875292208, "user_id": 9863652, "accuracy": 0.9926940639269406, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 7215036, "max_combo": 519, "passed": true, "perfect": false, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 4, "count_300": 361, "count_geki": 56, "count_katu": 4, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "SH", "created_at": "2021-09-20T20:29:42+00:00", "best_id": 3875292208, "pp": 722.544, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 932165, "difficulty_rating": 5.91, "id": 2078961, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 104, "user_id": 3723568, "version": "Deception", "accuracy": 9.2, "ar": 9.2, "bpm": 179, "convert": false, "count_circles": 234, "count_sliders": 130, "count_spinners": 1, "cs": 4, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 5.7, "hit_length": 98, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2019-08-05T23:42:49+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 87849, "playcount": 567927, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "fb4be24cfcadb824f85b4759df8ce5d1"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "supercell", "artist_unicode": "supercell", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "Reform", "favourite_count": 566, "hype": null, "id": 932165, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 1989288, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "Mr.Downer", "title_unicode": "Mr.Downer", "track_id": null, "user_id": 3723568, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 51.33420832795048, "pp": 370.9122422211065}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "RU", "default_group": "default", "id": 9863652, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": null, "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "Ilitria"}}#7 [05:47] | 2021-09-21 22:03:42.494000 | {"id": 3874197207, "user_id": 9694263, "accuracy": 0.989247311827957, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 10098225, "max_combo": 617, "passed": true, "perfect": false, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 7, "count_300": 427, "count_geki": 90, "count_katu": 7, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "SH", "created_at": "2021-09-20T01:27:52+00:00", "best_id": 3874197207, "pp": 726.322, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 1035167, "difficulty_rating": 5.93, "id": 2164274, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 122, "user_id": 5115995, "version": "Extra", "accuracy": 9.2, "ar": 9.3, "bpm": 174, "convert": false, "count_circles": 264, "count_sliders": 168, "count_spinners": 2, "cs": 4, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 6, "hit_length": 114, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2019-11-24T16:44:19+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 103203, "playcount": 892179, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "a3704923eb2f81c982088c1334d14aef"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "ONE OK ROCK", "artist_unicode": "ONE OK ROCK", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "A r M i N", "favourite_count": 2059, "hype": null, "id": 1035167, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 9006579, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "Start Again", "title_unicode": "Start Again", "track_id": null, "user_id": 5115995, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 81.45062499999999, "pp": 591.5938085124999}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "RU", "default_group": "default", "id": 9694263, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": true, "is_supporter": false, "last_visit": "2021-09-21T22:00:35+00:00", "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "Skrowell"}}#8 [06:45] | 2021-09-21 22:03:40.427000 | {"id": 3875147675, "user_id": 12366071, "accuracy": 0.9942140790742526, "mods": [], "score": 161844720, "max_combo": 2530, "passed": true, "perfect": true, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 18, "count_300": 2056, "count_geki": 320, "count_katu": 17, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "S", "created_at": "2021-09-20T18:29:17+00:00", "best_id": 3875147675, "pp": 731.017, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 567324, "difficulty_rating": 7.54, "id": 1201636, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 300, "user_id": 2339768, "version": "Crimson Rebellion", "accuracy": 9.4, "ar": 9.7, "bpm": 205, "convert": false, "count_circles": 1710, "count_sliders": 360, "count_spinners": 4, "cs": 4.3, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 6.5, "hit_length": 294, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2017-07-03T02:28:49+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 20913, "playcount": 589509, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "e752385930a674c7ee138c6055097d6b"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "BABYMETAL", "artist_unicode": "BABYMETAL", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "Kroytz", "favourite_count": 360, "hype": null, "id": 567324, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 589509, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "Road of Resistance", "title_unicode": "Road of Resistance", "track_id": null, "user_id": 2339768, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 90.25, "pp": 659.7428425}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "RO", "default_group": "default", "id": 12366071, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": false, "last_visit": null, "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "nanoya"}}#9 [07:48] | 2021-09-21 22:03:38.096000 | {"id": 3874375849, "user_id": 13211727, "accuracy": 0.9797734627831716, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 8310006, "max_combo": 573, "passed": true, "perfect": false, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 11, "count_300": 400, "count_geki": 69, "count_katu": 5, "count_miss": 1}, "rank": "A", "created_at": "2021-09-20T04:51:27+00:00", "best_id": 3874375849, "pp": 749.517, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 1438655, "difficulty_rating": 5.97, "id": 2960147, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 88, "user_id": 7132267, "version": "YGGDRASIL", "accuracy": 9, "ar": 9.4, "bpm": 190, "convert": false, "count_circles": 260, "count_sliders": 151, "count_spinners": 1, "cs": 4, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 5.4, "hit_length": 88, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2021-06-30T04:30:32+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 5322, "playcount": 41329, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "0890e9ab77e500786eb8e222760132f0"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "OxT", "artist_unicode": "OxT", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "Nelliel", "favourite_count": 277, "hype": null, "id": 1438655, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 187502, "preview_url": "//", "source": "\u30aa\u30fc\u30d0\u30fc\u30ed\u30fc\u30c9", "status": "ranked", "title": "Clattanoia (TV Size)", "title_unicode": "Clattanoia (TV Size)", "track_id": null, "user_id": 7132267, "video": true}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "RU", "default_group": "default", "id": 13211727, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": "2021-09-21T13:07:03+00:00", "pm_friends_only": true, "profile_colour": null, "username": "NyanPotato"}}#10 [08:50] | 2021-09-21 22:03:35.821000 | {"id": 3874487366, "user_id": 11184264, "accuracy": 0.9687786960514233, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 6763072, "max_combo": 509, "passed": true, "perfect": true, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 17, "count_300": 346, "count_geki": 85, "count_katu": 14, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "SH", "created_at": "2021-09-20T07:25:32+00:00", "best_id": 3874487366, "pp": 764.488, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 744772, "difficulty_rating": 6.37, "id": 1955170, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 111, "user_id": 2308676, "version": "Taeyang's Extra", "accuracy": 9.3, "ar": 9.2, "bpm": 180, "convert": false, "count_circles": 223, "count_sliders": 140, "count_spinners": 0, "cs": 4.3, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 6, "hit_length": 91, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2019-04-27T19:54:23+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 279306, "playcount": 3425472, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "3413f3a1d832cf019a06a6034c288980"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "toby fox", "artist_unicode": "toby fox", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "Fatfan Kolek", "favourite_count": 3451, "hype": null, "id": 744772, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 16182081, "preview_url": "//", "source": "UNDERTALE", "status": "ranked", "title": "Last Goodbye", "title_unicode": "Last Goodbye", "track_id": null, "user_id": 2308676, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 100, "pp": 764.488}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "AU", "default_group": "default", "id": 11184264, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": true, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": "2021-09-21T22:00:30+00:00", "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "Applett"}}#11 [09:52] | 2021-09-20 22:00:36.468000 | {"id": 3873945571, "user_id": 8335950, "accuracy": 0.9916162580919028, "mods": [], "score": 257911350, "max_combo": 3365, "passed": true, "perfect": false, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 38, "count_300": 3102, "count_geki": 578, "count_katu": 26, "count_miss": 1}, "rank": "A", "created_at": "2021-09-19T20:46:36+00:00", "best_id": 3873945571, "pp": 777.796, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 461744, "difficulty_rating": 8.25, "id": 1031991, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 490, "user_id": 537084, "version": "Kyouaku", "accuracy": 9.4, "ar": 10, "bpm": 220, "convert": false, "count_circles": 2457, "count_sliders": 678, "count_spinners": 6, "cs": 4.2, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 6, "hit_length": 473, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2016-12-26T09:54:09+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 83791, "playcount": 1513603, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "2f7ee8e31132e725b2332f09b57e2e6a"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "Imperial Circus Dead Decadence", "artist_unicode": "Imperial Circus Dead Decadence", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "DoKito", "favourite_count": 2224, "hype": null, "id": 461744, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 1513603, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "Yomi yori Kikoyu, Koukoku no Tou to Honoo no Shoujo.", "title_unicode": "\u9ec4\u6cc9\u3088\u308a\u8074\u3053\u3086\u3001\u7687\u56fd\u306e\u71c8\u3068\u7114\u306e\u5c11\u5973\u3002", "track_id": null, "user_id": 537084, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 81.45062499999999, "pp": 633.519703225}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "SE", "default_group": "default", "id": 8335950, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": true, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": "2021-09-20T21:59:31+00:00", "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "Reedkatt"}}#12 [10:56] | 2021-09-21 22:03:33.819000 | {"id": 3875344728, "user_id": 9863652, "accuracy": 0.9864636209813875, "mods": ["HD", "DT"], "score": 7168199, "max_combo": 527, "passed": true, "perfect": true, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 8, "count_300": 386, "count_geki": 109, "count_katu": 8, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "SH", "created_at": "2021-09-20T21:22:02+00:00", "best_id": 3875344728, "pp": 783.119, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 1192768, "difficulty_rating": 6.17, "id": 2485438, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 131, "user_id": 9416836, "version": "Cataclysm", "accuracy": 9.4, "ar": 9.4, "bpm": 170, "convert": false, "count_circles": 259, "count_sliders": 133, "count_spinners": 2, "cs": 4, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 5.2, "hit_length": 106, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2020-07-31T21:17:14+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 79949, "playcount": 542746, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "27f052dad678245fb9d1ba3fe69a7fe8"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "Set It Off", "artist_unicode": "Set It Off", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "wafer", "favourite_count": 1002, "hype": null, "id": 1192768, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 2381208, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", "title_unicode": "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", "track_id": null, "user_id": 9416836, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 90.25, "pp": 706.7648975}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "RU", "default_group": "default", "id": 9863652, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": false, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": null, "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "Ilitria"}}#13 [11:48] | 2021-09-21 22:03:31.941000 | {"id": 3875270510, "user_id": 8275006, "accuracy": 0.998272884283247, "mods": [], "score": 188907860, "max_combo": 2740, "passed": true, "perfect": false, "statistics": {"count_50": 0, "count_100": 6, "count_300": 2310, "count_geki": 382, "count_katu": 6, "count_miss": 0}, "rank": "S", "created_at": "2021-09-20T20:10:01+00:00", "best_id": 3875270510, "pp": 786.225, "mode": "osu", "mode_int": 0, "replay": true, "beatmap": {"beatmapset_id": 905621, "difficulty_rating": 7.64, "id": 2079597, "mode": "osu", "status": "ranked", "total_length": 301, "user_id": 10510791, "version": "RIGHTEOUSNESS OF MORALITY", "accuracy": 9.5, "ar": 9.7, "bpm": 185, "convert": false, "count_circles": 2059, "count_sliders": 256, "count_spinners": 1, "cs": 4.3, "deleted_at": null, "drain": 5.2, "hit_length": 300, "is_scoreable": true, "last_updated": "2019-07-05T20:11:53+00:00", "mode_int": 0, "passcount": 14634, "playcount": 476523, "ranked": 1, "url": "", "checksum": "f347fac647b274fada652aec30bce9b7"}, "beatmapset": {"artist": "GYZE", "artist_unicode": "GYZE", "covers": {"cover": "", "cover@2x": "", "card": "", "card@2x": "", "list": "", "list@2x": "", "slimcover": "", "slimcover@2x": ""}, "creator": "Chanci", "favourite_count": 238, "hype": null, "id": 905621, "nsfw": false, "play_count": 476523, "preview_url": "//", "source": "", "status": "ranked", "title": "HONESTY", "title_unicode": "HONESTY", "track_id": 3643, "user_id": 10510791, "video": false}, "weight": {"percentage": 95, "pp": 746.9137499999999}, "user": {"avatar_url": "", "country_code": "DE", "default_group": "default", "id": 8275006, "is_active": true, "is_bot": false, "is_deleted": false, "is_online": true, "is_supporter": true, "last_visit": "2021-09-21T21:57:11+00:00", "pm_friends_only": false, "profile_colour": null, "username": "Im badeu at osu"}} submitted by gloomshot_bot to gloomshot [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 07:27 paranoid_365 Question about special characters & gameplay!

I could be mistaken, but I thought the 4 characters you get with the season pass & or expansion, (Aiden, Assassin chick, metal & leather mask guy, and I can't remember the 4th), can't actually die & instead they go into the severely injured category, (bc they actually died in my game... main story)? Also, if you retire them bc they are taking up spots on your team, that you need to now fill with new people, do you lose those 4 special characters in game forever like normal characters, (I'm playing w/ permadeath on)? **Apologies for not knowing the characters proper names, I'm drawing a blank as I write this, thanks in advance!
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2021.09.22 07:27 EarlyIntention3052 I have anaerobe bacterial infection on my lips that’s been for 5 months.. it goes away when I open my mouth so when it gets oxygen it disappears temporarily…i tried Metronidazole but it keeps coming back?

23M 179 cm 110 KG Egyptian anaerobe bacterial infection 5 months Mental illness Take medication for depression and psychosis Heavy smoker
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2021.09.22 07:27 CatsandTeaandBooks Canberra Hospital’s outpatient dermatology appointment wait time?

A recurring issue recently got bad enough I’ve been seeing a community nurse, who recommended I get a referral to the hospital.
From past experiences hospital referrals take a long time. I know they prioritise patients depending on needs, and they don’t typically give estimates for appointment wait times. I’m not trying to criticise them, just trying to work out if I should try and find the cash to see someone privately instead.
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2021.09.22 07:27 WaterMeLoan64 Super Mario & The Lost Levels Trailer “For the Love & Mushrooms” - A Homage to AMVs (This Super Mario Fan Film is Coming March 10th, 2022)

Super Mario & The Lost Levels Trailer “For the Love & Mushrooms” - A Homage to AMVs (This Super Mario Fan Film is Coming March 10th, 2022) submitted by WaterMeLoan64 to SuperMario3DWorldFans [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 07:27 revy21 How do students get sorted into the various houses for school sport events?

Just a curious question that came to my mind recently, but do teachers choose it based on criteria like personality traits, disposition etc., or is it just randomized?
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2021.09.22 07:27 notlostwanderer2000 good choice on storage for catalina/big sur?

hey guys, i'm putting together a hackintosh shopping list, and am looking for a good choice on storage. the dortania guide says that phison-based controllers like sabrent rocket are the way to go, but i see many builds with the samsung 970 evo plus, which was going to be my pick. can anyone help clarify? Thanks.
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2021.09.22 07:27 c_wendt Waiting for Inspiration – Act II

An Excerpt
HERB: Meanwhile, we’ll riff for ideas.
PATRICK: You're right, we've got time.
HERB: It's so we won’t feel like we’re wasting time.
PATRICK: We can’t have that.
HERB: It's so we won't get bored.
PATRICK: We wouldn’t want that.
HERB: All the old ideas.
PATRICK: They’re tired like crumbled paper.
HERB: Like plagiarism.
PATRICK: Like used condoms.
HERB: Like plagiarism.
PATRICK: They all can’t be taken.
HERB: Each one has.
PATRICK: Maybe remixed.
HERB: They regurgitate.
PATRICK: Defy tropes.
HERB: They regurgitate.
PATRICK: What ideas do you have?
HERB: We write about elves who live on Mars with polar bears.
PATRICK: Elves are boring.
HERB: It’s a new take.
PATRICK: It defies tropes.
HERB: No one cares.
PATRICK: They’ve been done like messiahs.
HERB: Like plagiarism.
PATRICK: Likes enemies to lovers.
HERB: Like plagiarism.
Long silence.
PATRICK: Write something!
HERB: I'm trying.
Long silence.
PATRICK: Write anything at all!
HERB: What do we do now?
PATRICK: Wait for inspiration.
PATRICK: This is hell!
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2021.09.22 07:27 OccasionQuick It's not the only thing they delivered.

It's not the only thing they delivered. submitted by OccasionQuick to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 07:27 realtronaldump I'm short GME

I'm short GME, I'm short on words that can explain my loyalty to the stock and this community. This month's has been an unparalleled journey and I'm so happy to have been a part of it. And sure it would be nice with a MOASS soon, but I'll miss these days still, waking up each day with a ting of excitement so I'll cherish these last pre-moass days as much as possible.
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2021.09.22 07:27 WillingPea6138 'Money Heist,' 'Lupin,' 'Unorthodox': How Netflix's non-English shows became global hits - USA TODAY

'Money Heist,' 'Lupin,' 'Unorthodox': How Netflix's non-English shows became global hits - USA TODAY submitted by WillingPea6138 to marketdigital [link] [comments]