The sunk cost issue

2021.09.22 08:43 LanaDelDesperate09 The sunk cost issue

This is a stupid thought that has been bothering me lately, although I’ve been aware of it for a while. I was wondering if some of you can relate to this problem and maybe help me see this in a different way. So I have to quit my limerence basically. I need to quit checking my LOs social media, he is married and I don’t want to see the wedding ceremony pictures, honeymoon etc. because it will do me no good and could hurt me even further. However, I’ve been bothered by this thought about “sunk cost” of lim. Does anyone here have this problem? Because I keep thinking “wow I spent two years thinking and fantasizing about a person I’ll never see again and not only I’ll never see again but now I can’t even think about him anymore”. I spent all this time thinking, fantasizing, dreaming about one day maybe things would be differently… all for nothing. Now, that’s not surprising because it’s usually how it ends anyway for most people here. But the thought of having spent the past two years just agonizing over him kills me. And now I have to let it go. Does anyone here struggle with this issue??! Please let me know your thoughts and how could I get rid of this feeling.
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2021.09.22 08:43 Ema_2021 Say goodbye to traditional ways to deliver the internet and say hello to a new type of internet: Space Internet!

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2021.09.22 08:43 kokochina Happy Mabon! Had a fall harvest dinner with friends to celebrate Mabon for the first time

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2021.09.22 08:43 berzerker_x Jammu’s Business Hub Kanak Mandi Completely shut | The StraightLine News

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2021.09.22 08:43 Disastrous-Soil2671 Sublime form of this Climate Research Centre in Greenland.

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2021.09.22 08:43 3uqez I’ve ran a wavy amount this year

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2021.09.22 08:43 ggez67890 Why is this subreddit dead it's so wholesome

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2021.09.22 08:43 Puzzleheaded_Scar821 Come join animation

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2021.09.22 08:43 sf90_Enzo I’m on the highest quality of copium rn

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2021.09.22 08:43 couponfordeals 47% off > $74.02< LTE Rambler RS FPV RC Airplane Banggood Coupon Promo Code [KIT/PNP] [USA Warehouse]

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2021.09.22 08:43 WetWater42069 snowflake gang. B) by cantanimate

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2021.09.22 08:43 Intelligent_bro12 Yarloo

The project has a strong team that strives for success.This project has a bright future.
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2021.09.22 08:43 Meh_Nightmare Favourite Underrated friendship

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2021.09.22 08:43 valeria_vsg A little bug appeared on my finger while on the bus

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2021.09.22 08:43 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 08:43 Yeti_Rider H: Scorchbeast Queen Plushie plan. W: Fire Bell plan

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2021.09.22 08:43 57nightjars really weird dreams

sorry if this isnt the right place, I am not sure where else to put this, also, I won;t be giving some details cause I am too scared too. anyways, I had a really weird dream(?) that cannot be described in words, only in a picture, but that picture wasn't like what the dream looked like, in the same way that the phrase "three frogs in a trenchcoat" doesn't look like three frogs in a trenchcoat, you know? anyways, it came with this sense of "everything" making sense finnally, and me needing to tell everyone about this, but then a few minutes later, I forgot what exactly it was about :/ anyways, that was yesterday. today, I woke up at the same time I woke up from the weird dream. and my mom came into my room, and I got up and started talking to her, and she said something I can't clearly remember, but it was something about waking up earlier because she needed to work on "doing the points differently" idk, and I couldn't see very well when she said that, then our cat came in and distracted her, and she stoped talking about what she was talking about in the middle of it, and then she acted like she hadn't said anything that she had said before, and like she had just started talking to me, and I got the sense that she couldn't remember saying any of that, and that made me feel weird, for obvious reasons, anyways, i very strongly feel like that was connected to the dream. I will be going to sleep soon, so I will see if anything like this happens again when i wake up, I guess
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2021.09.22 08:43 Sins0fTheFather We all know who looks like this

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2021.09.22 08:43 DIO_875 numget

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2021.09.22 08:43 wallacea98 Ways to improve my WI-FI for PC gaming???

I am looking to see if anyone can give me any recommendations to improve my connection to my PC. Recently I just moved my computer to another room in my house that is only about 15 feet from where my PC used to be, probably about 35-40 feet from my router. I have been playing games and can not keep a stable connection. My last game I played I was averaging around 600 ping and at some points it would jump up to 3,000+. I never had any major issues while I was in the other room but now I can not receive a good signal at all. I just ran a speed test and was getting 0.64 MBPS which is beyond terrible. My Wi-Fi plan is for 800 MBPS so this does not make sense to me. Could this be my Wi-Fi card in my PC causing this or my router? A few days ago I purchased a netgear Wi-Fi range extender and it only made things slower and I am going to return it. I am not sure what to do at this point to improve my connection. If anyone can help, any recommendations would be appreciated.
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2021.09.22 08:43 Bunbun_xD 24 F4M Seattle - moving from tx need new people in my life

Hmu !bored
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2021.09.22 08:43 Due_Crab_3989 Is it only straight guys who hate being skinny...

cause i think gay boys should know that other gay boys looove twinks 😳
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2021.09.22 08:43 ch-zeb Jimmy can do that? Bryan electric movement

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2021.09.22 08:43 bringeroflaw97 Can you have suicidal thoughts and not have a mental problem?

I've been having suicidal thoughts and existencial fear since I was about 7, and I've been going to a psychiatrist, yet she says that I don't have depression or anything of the sort. Could it be possible that she is wrong? Can you have such thoughts and still have nothing wrong with you?
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2021.09.22 08:43 FindingIdeas Any game engine or tools to make android games with a Potato PC. Windows 7 ,2gb ram and 32 bit.

My main computer is totally down and have no income at the moment to fix it. So now all I have is a Windows 7 , 2gb Ram and it's 32 bit . I have tried gdevelop and unity , total fail. I wanted to get back into making android games but don't see the options. Forget Android Studio even with my main computer that lovely beast would be a little slow.
Is there any really lightweight game engine and tools to make games? Bonus question even if it's just a framework instead of engine how would I go about exporting to android platform without Android Studio.
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