wrong shutter speed, how to fix it

2021.10.16 09:47 LoversVideography wrong shutter speed, how to fix it

Hello guys, can you help my with some advice!! I shot a whole video in 50 fps with 1/25 shutter speed, so if it possible to fix it a little bit by editing somehow
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2021.10.16 09:47 ila_____ Piercing suggestion :) (more in comments)

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2021.10.16 09:47 icecreamboii [O levels] Can anyone share some simple tips?

Hello ! I'm taking my English paper 1 soon , and I've always done really badly. They always circle around 18/30 and 15/30 . I have no idea how to improve on my papers. I've tried using simple words and using the PEEL format . However I cannot improve. Is there some things I should keep in mind right before going for the paper? Much help needed , thanks guys ! And good luck for your o levels!
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2021.10.16 09:47 Emergency_Evening241 Joined to promote my NFT collection, but ended up buying DOGEcoin, love the subreddit 😂❤️

Not a very big amount just bought 5 Doge coins for starters, will invest a little every month‼️
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2021.10.16 09:47 Eweca A simple method to enable delayed audio feedback (and get amazing result)

A simple method to enable delayed audio feedback (and get amazing result) Just a neat trick - you can enable delayed audio feedback by simply ticking "Listen to this device" in the Properties settings of your microphone.

Credit: from GMODISM's video (link below)

This usually works out of the box and no third-party software is required. But if your mic is too soft which prevents you from hearing yourself, use a software called EqualizerAPO to amplify it. The detailed instruction can be found in this video: How to Make Your Microphone Louder in Windows 10 - How to Boost Mic Volume - 2021 Tutorial

I accidentally discovered this method when searching for ways to make my mic louder for Vent chat. Out of curiosity, I left the listening option on and proceeded to talk in Vent. Boom! The result was fantastic. Normally I'd be so nervous when talking with strangers met in games that I'd stutter the whole way through. But this time, I talked fluently and stress-free for hours!

I'm sure the positive effect of DAC has been amply discussed and demonstrated in this subreddit. However, the technical difficulties may have prevented people from trying it out. Hope this simple method helps. Do try it for yourself - it's been awesome for me and now even if I'm still stuttering in real life, at least I can chat away happily online :)
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2021.10.16 09:47 Realitygives0fucks Anyone know why none of DFVs posts show up in Reddit's top ten of all time, or even this year???

What is this complete and utter bullshit? What is the possible reason behind this, except Reddit and Hedgie/Wallstreet fuckery? Seems suspicious to me that none of his posts are on the list, even though otherwise the majority of the top ten posts would be his.
Extra characters for the minimum number required to post.....
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2021.10.16 09:47 AffiliateLeakz shiba inu data this day: WHAT DOGECOIN MILLIONAIRE JUST REVEALED ABOUT SHIBA INU!🔥 SHIB NEWS UPDATE

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2021.10.16 09:47 Dry_Pick660 bu togg meselesi noldu ya en son BMC ortaktı

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2021.10.16 09:47 highnchillin_ The cyclonic storm Shaheen, Persian Gulf

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2021.10.16 09:47 jrlucky10 goodnight reddit :) [f19]

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2021.10.16 09:47 Arcenciel1887 ADHD be like: I must have one of everything to make it a *complete* set. Can anyone else relate?

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2021.10.16 09:47 WizzmoTheSupreme Whats the best way to display a whole set of cards?

I’ve recently been moving towards just collecting Yugioh cards instead of playing because I enjoy the aesthetic and style of the cards.
So I started collecting and organising the 60-card sets because they’re a bit smaller and have some affordable-ish rarities in collectors now.
Anyways how would you go about displaying a 60+ card set outside of binders?
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2021.10.16 09:47 shrek4wasnotgreat It must be fun to be in a community where you have to preface everything you say with “don’t worry I’m not a tankie” all the time

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2021.10.16 09:47 Mihonarium I’m in London for the first time. I have a week. Where should I go and what should I see?

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2021.10.16 09:47 Timeforbed807 I can’t live with my boyfriend anymore

I’ve been with my boyfriend for just over 2 years (known him about 5) and we have been living together pretty much the whole relationship.
I find it really difficult to live with him because of a number of things. He is really difficult to talk to because he thinks everything I say is a personal attack or that I’m taking a dig at him. My tone is always offensive and I spend extra time at the gym to avoid having to go home.
It’s difficult because I can both see us together and also not together. I would really like I be alone most of the time but as we both work from home and he doesn’t go out and do anything, he is always here.
I’m hoping that I can get a new job soon that will mean I work in an office and would be gone from 5am-5pm. Giving us time apart. Time to miss each other.
One day I want to build my own house and don’t want to have co ownership with him. I was previously engaged to a guy and the relationship broke down, we had to pay a lot of money to refinance the house we owned and it’s was just painful. I don’t want that to happen again.
Is it fair for me to stay with him for the next 2-3 years until I can buy my own house and then just see him part time? I just can’t live with him, it’s too much for me, to overwhelming.
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2021.10.16 09:47 w8rl7ck Coinbase NFT waitlist?

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2021.10.16 09:47 Ok_Age_5521 Kedy mam kupit Iphone

Caute, nikdy som nemal Iphone a rozmyslam nad kupou modelu 11 alebo 12. Chcel by som sa opytat, ci mam s kupou cakat do konca roka, ak by nahodou tieto modely zlacneli na Slovensku, alebo sa podla vas ceny nezmenia? (Napr. Black Friday, alebo Vianocne zlavy) Dakujem.
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2021.10.16 09:47 Perceptions_ There was a time in my life I thought “Fenders are for old men”…. Have I become an old man?…

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2021.10.16 09:47 Shlomotion4yah Day Twenty-Two

Yesterday, I saw this beautiful read-head out walking. In the past, I'd feel intense approach anxiety and hesitation. Usually, I would not approach.
This time, I felt 0 approach anxiety. It was just like, "I should go talk to her" and I did.
I walked right up and blurted out something like, "Hey, when I saw you, I wanted to talk to you. Hi". She looked at me with slight annoyance and blurted back what must have been a mix of "Not interested", "No", and "I'm busy" and kept walking.
Did I feel bad for being rejected? No sir, I felt like an ice-cold badass king. I saw something I wanted and went for it. No hesitation. I could never have done that before Nofap.
For me, this is clear evidence of transformation. That I'm becoming the man I want to be.
Nofap for life
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2021.10.16 09:47 OutsideTop5971 First ever ×3 premium crate

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2021.10.16 09:47 Weakace88 WeLcOmE bAcK! This sure motivates me to get back to work…

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2021.10.16 09:47 Minimum-Row6464 .......

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2021.10.16 09:47 locogambla AKRON ZIPS + 20

This number is 19 1/2 or 20 depending on the spot. I don't know what the bookmakers are looking at to make Miami a 20 point favorite. It makes no sense.
Both Miami and Akron come in 2-4. Akron has been hurt by injuries this year but those players are both now. QB DJ Irons has been injured and is expected to be back tomorrow. But if he is not, they will stay with third string QB Gibson. He came in last week and turned a 13 point deficit into a 15 point win. Akron outscored a decent Bowling Green team 35-7 with Gibson in. Gibson was 14-15 last week increasing his completion percentage to 90% this season (18-20). All this with 0 INT. Gibson was the #1 rated QB in Florida his senior season and he looked like the next Third string Brady last week.
Also RB Anthony Williams has been injured and he returned last week so that gives this offense 2 dimensions.
Akron has got to stop the run and keep Keyon Mozee from having too big of a game.
This should be a good, close game and I wouldn't be surprised if Akron wins it. Either way, they are not gonna lose by 20.
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2021.10.16 09:47 Sandro_von_Carstein She will protect him with style

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2021.10.16 09:47 VeganPhilosopher Everyone is a Perverted Lunatic and Reddit Proves it

Be me. Go to a completely innocent subreddit. awwcute, fitness, news, technology, movies Click on ANYBODY'S profile. Find out there into gore, rape, incest, furries .. Discover intimate details about their life that their closest friends probably don't even know. Their victims of molestation, in a abusive relationship, being unethical at work, addicted to some illegal drugs... It's not once or twice I see this. It's everyone on Reddit. Because that's everyone in reality. Behind the masks we wear. We're all twisted and hurting.
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