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2021.12.04 13:07 Shanoa07 I just don't wanna be fucking sober

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2021.12.04 13:07 ChampionshipClear322 Autumn Town Review (Sept, Oct, Nov.)

Welcome to the final town review of the realm! Here I will be giving the final score each town gets for the last three months of the realm! I apologize for the extensive delay due to bugs, inactivity, and lack of development on towns.
New things to consider:

We will grade the towns on the following criterion:
Affordability (/9)
Natural Beauty (/7) (Beauty of plants, rivers, surroundings, "natural things." Can still be manmade.)
Structural Beauty (/10) (Beauty of buildings, structures, etc)
Land Area (/5) (How large your town is)
Culture (/9) (Can be Llama culture like Llamaland, but mostly it is just that your town follows a specific theme.)
Safety (/9)
Commerce (/6) (How many shops your town has)
Ease of Transportation (/7) (How easy it is to get to your town from Spawn)
Population (/3)
Active Population (/6) (Number of Active players in your town)
Freedom (/5)
Wealth (/6)
Influence (/6)
Growth (/5) (Of your town)
Benefits (/6) (Benefits you get from living in your town)
Towns Rated:
Wyvern City, Crater Valley, Mushville, Heart of Masonry, North Dreamland, Aisle, New Feland, Ginger, Port Atlantis, Blaire, Sprucetown, Arendalle, Beacontown, Ginger's Tax District (GHRD), Atlantis, Gloom, No Man's Land, Nightville, Llamaland, Blayze City, Port Coral, Elysian, Oakville, South Dreamland, Chimneytown, Red Tundra, Nightville Oasis, St. Sam Island. (28)
Have fun reading!

#28- Red Tundra. (New Town) (Highest Score- Affordability) (Largest Town- +2 Points)
Location- Red Tundra, Arctic Union. Total Score- 33/100 (F-)
With it's separation from Chimneytown this review, the Red Tundra is a vast, cold wasteland dotted by occasional igloos, trees, and towers. The Red Tundra is grossly underdeveloped as the Red Alliance spends it's small income on developing their capital, Chimneytown. While there are some cool sights to see, like Ice Spike Fields and Snowy Taiga, the few buildings in this area are unfinished or monotone. There is almost no lighting in this area, the only torches are from mining caves or small villages. Not even the towers used for energy are lit. The only people who live there are villagers and strays, and staying out here at night without armor will almost certainly result in death by slowness arrows. The few benefits to this place are that land is among the cheapest in the realm here, and it's sheer size means there is no lack of land available. If you don't care much for commerce and freedom, it'll be a cool challenge to start a town in the Red Tundra, especially since there are no creepers. One thing I did like about this place is the feeling of hopelessness that compliments the atmosphere of the Red Alliance.

#27- Oakville (-2 Slots) (Highest Score- Freedom)
Location- Justice Woods. Total Score- 36/100 (F-)
Oakville, a town meant to be a Sprucetown 2.0, was developed for about four days until the Kingdom of Nightcrown was founded. An area so far from spawn could only support one town, and Nightville stole all of Oakville's hype, labor, and tourism. As such, a grossly unfinished town sits where Oakville "wood" have been if it hadn't been overshadowed by Nightville. Two unlit, unfurnished houses sit atop a hill overlooking a forest. Oakville has almost no lighting, (so much so that I died while visiting and lost 250MC worth of gear) it has no shops, no influence, and the last time it was touched, Nightville didn't even exist. Even after the Spruce Realm was conquered by Nightcrown, the Night Government made no effort to improve this place. However, there are a few small benefits to living here. First, while it obviously can't compare to places like Port Atlantis or Crater Valley, it has a modest score in Beauty, much higher than most of the other cities at the bottom of the list. It also has satisfactory scores in Affordability, Culture, and Freedom. The thing I like best about this town is its location, atop a hill overlooking a pretty forest, the height of the place really helps (though the placement of the high court kind of ruins the atmosphere)

#26- (South Dreamland) Industrial Mason District (No Slot Change) (Highest Score- Wealth)
Location- Wyvern Mountains, Arctic Union. Total Score- 36.5/100 (F-)
Masonry's Industrial District has made some attempts to improve it's infrastructure in order to merge with North Dreamland, but that has not prevented it from falling to the bottom of the list and staying there. While it does have benefits, like being a top produce of Sugar, Melons, Gold, and Glow Lichen, it has become increasingly difficult to enter a town, with everyone but a select few barred from entering without supervision. South Dreamland also holds the most powerful XP farm in the realm, drawing in players who need to do some enchanting. Additionally, TymJuniver has made moves to clean up the western part of S. Dreamland in hopes of ceding it to the North. However, since this place has no houses, shops, and still isn't monster-free, it isn't an ideal place to live, and even if there were houses, the entire country is littered with spare blocks and other junk. However, I did like the creeper farm- even though it doesn't work, the fact that it's made of a mishmash of dirt, netherrack, and purpur kinda fits the theme of "it's what's on the inside that counts"

#25- St. Sam Island (New Town) (Highest Score- Affordability)
Location- Atlantic Sea. Total Score- 38/100 (F)
Where to start with this place... It honestly had a bit more potential than it was used for. The realm has made three separate prisons, each replacing the last. All three are still standing, but the first two remain abandoned. The first, and the most used, is the Realm Prison in the GHRD. The last, used now, is the Realm Prison in Beacontown. The second, the one that was never used (at least to the knowledge of Masonry) is St. Sam Island. While it was incredibly useful as a labor camp, it was never used by the Ginger Realm despite it being a viable source of resources. Named after a legend of the past, St. Sam Island is a tiny, grassy speck in the vast Atlantic Sea, far from spawn, forgotten by all. (except for me who found it while I was looking for the Nightville Oasis) Let's talk about the good parts of St Sam, because there are a handful of categories where it preforms relatively well. The first is it's affordability score because... if you're in prison, you obviously don't have to pay for lodging. You also get free food to the best of my knowledge. The second is its Natural and Structural Beauty scores, both slightly above average at 5/7 and 7/10, respectively. The third is Wealth. Lastly, it has a 7/9 in safety, because, apart from the occasional drowned or phantom, the entire island is lit and safe from monsters. This is neccesary for prisoners who cannot fight back. Unfortunately, this town suffers from a number of problems, the most glaringly its lack of freedom for prisoners, making this town the least free country and one of two with a 0/5 in freedom. A few other self-explanatory problems are its small size, remote location, lack of stores and people, that all contribute to it's low place on the list. One thing I did like about this town though, is the haybale storage, even though it doesn't have very many haybales in it. It represents the theme of the island quite nicely.

#24- Nightville (-5 Slots) (Highest Score- Population)
Location- Greater Crater Grasslands. Total Score- 41/100 (F)
Falling a whopping thirteen points in the last few months, Nightville is one of the only towns on this list that has actively deteriorated in the last three months. Creepers have actively blown up much of the castle and nearly no effort has been made to light the dark spots or patch up the holes. The Nightville Fortune, which could rival that of Ginger or Aisle if properly utilized, was wasted on elytra expeditions that never turned a profit. Despite it being one of the furthest towns from spawn, it still has no nether railway or ice road to it. Nearly half of the houses around the castle are abandoned and unfinished. And lastly, it has surpassed Mushville as the most indebted country in the realm after it loaned a nether star to add a beacon to their bombed castle. Essentially, the problem with this country is its poor management of funds. Corruption and Bad Spending have wasted most of this country's GDP, and the rest was spent on an invasion of the Spruce Realm that somehow succeeded. Despite this town being the capital of the Night Crown, all of its vassal towns (with the exception of Oakville) rank higher than it. Essentially, Nightville is a very accurate representation of this realm's white elephant. Now, there are a few positives to this place. One is that since it passed Masonry to become the top destination for realm immigrants, it has become fairly populated despite its long distance. It also has modest scores in Structural Beauty in Culture. It just frustrates me so much that Nightville had so much wasted potential, if it had simply spent its money correctly and lit its town it could have become a second Aisle. It probably would have had one of the easiest journeys to a realm superpower if it did this. I must confess, in the beginning i was actively scared of Nightville joining the Tax Union, as I realized it had the potential to rival Masonry. One thing I did like about this town is the four towers at the top of the castle, the only area in the city safe from monsters and cool to be in/look at.

#23- Chimneytown (New Town) (Highest Score- Affordability)
Location- Red Tundra, Arctic Union. Total Score- 43.5/100 (F+)
Perhaps the only place in the Red Alliance where you are safe from most monsters, I genuinely enjoy being in Chimneytown, despite it being an objectively horrible place to live. The capital of the Red Alliance, it is built next to the White Woods and the Red Tundra. It has a few buildings, and the architecture, which is stone, tall, and not flashy, perfectly complements the essence of the Red Alliance. It almost seems like it was built to hide from the rest of the world. The Factories and Potato Farms are also great. And, this city is extremely affordable. (Perhaps to make up for the lack of freedom) Now, even though I love this town, this has to be an objective review, and Chimneytown ain't that great. Firstly, while the buildings fit the theme perfectly, they aren't very pretty, and neither is the natural landscape, which is why this town has a 9/17 in beauty. While the culture score is very high (again, buildings are perfect) and the safety is moderately high, that's about it in terms of what's good about this town. Chimneytown has a grade of 0 in commerce and ease of transportation, and it also has extremely low scores in population, freedom, influence and citizen benefits. Perhaps the final nail in the coffin was when Chimneytown, capital of a previous world power, failed to do anything about the No Man's Land (a city which was once at the very bottom of the list, mind you, a city with no government, and one with nearly no military) annexing nearly a fifth of this land. Although the land was uninhabited, it was a serious blow to the Red Alliances credibility, and as such, its influence toppled. Also, this town is relatively tiny, and you can't really do much besides harvest potatoes. That was probably my favorite part about this town tho, the vast potato field not only is a great food supply but is also the best part of Chimneytown.

#22- Elysian (+2 Slots) (Highest Score- Natural Beauty)
Location- Petal Woods, Bone Plains. Total Score- 44/100 (F+)
Elysian is probably the town in the realm that has been abandoned the longest, South Dreamland was a brand-new city when it was abandoned. Elysian is another example of wasted potential, it could have easily become a new Ginger and if it were a realm power, it might have snuffed out Crater Valley, which has risen to become the third realm Superpower. Elysian has a few Mushroom Houses and Hobbit Holes to live in, but since the leader is inactive, you are unable to buy them. Some benefits to this town are that since it was built by extremely talented Dreamland Refugees, it has a 14/17 in beauty, it is fairly large, and it has a great atmosphere of mystical town in the woods that is pulled off so much better by Elysian than Ginger. Unfortunately with KawaiixDemon gone, and no great power invading the country, you can't really do much in Elysian, especially not buy a house. Because of this simple fact, its population, commerce, freedom, influence, growth, and benefits are all either very low or zero. Coupled with the fact that this is a town far from spawn with nothing much to do is why Elysian is so low on this list. However, if someone had restored it, built a few more houses, and generally just took care of the town, it could be so much higher. Something to note about Elysian is that it holds the realm's largest castle, though the Interior is vastly incomplete. If the castle were to be finished, and Elysian was able to somehow economically develop like Masonry or Aisle, then we might have a fourth realm Superpower today. But alas, no. The only thing Elysian will be remembered for is it's beautiful history. Oh, and the hobbit holes by the ravine. That was by far my favorite part, the low elevation coupled with the tall trees made me feel so cozy.

#21- Nightville Oasis (New Town) (Highest Score- Population)
Location- Atlantic Sea. Total Score- 45/100 (F+)
Suffering from almost the same problems as its capital, the Nightville Oasis is just another exemplar of the Night Crown's inability to finish projects. While this place certainly does score higher than Nightville, especially in categories like Wealth, Growth, Beauty, and Affordability, this town, unfortunately, is still largely uninhabitable because of its low safety rating. My main problem with this place is that it would have been so easy to light this tiny island, and that hasn't been done, lowering both the safety rating AND the beauty rating with craters. The excessive craters are patched up but then blown up again. Many people don't want to live here because their house will be blown up, and the ones that do can't make the journey because it is too far and there are no alternative transportation methods. This, essentially, is the trap that nearly every town (barring Sprucetown) under the jurisdiction of the Night Crown has fallen into. While the Night Government does attempt to help the problem, it is like one cutting the tip of a weed but not the roots, the weed will simply grow back. Fortunately, there are several things that make this a better place to live than Nightville. While this town is one of the hardest to find, it is a relatively beautiful island, and if it was lit and decratered it would easily earn a 14 or 15 in total Beauty. It is also relatively affordable, with a 7/9 in beauty. A good combination of Beauty and Affordability usually makes for a very exceptional town (Some exceptions are Crater Valley and Pre-Cultural Boom Aisle, which are at the top of the list while not doing well in one of these.) Like Nightville, it has a relatively high population and active population, something its capital couldn't achieve, and it even has an average freedom score. Nightville Oasis is essentially a slightly more developed Nightville, with many of the same benefits and problems of its precursor. But, one thing I did like in this town is the Overgrown Flora and Fauna, which really presses the feeling that you're in a tropical paradise.

#20- Blayze City (+1 Slot) (Highest Score- Wealth)
Location- Western Sea, Western Union. Total Score- 46/100 (F+)
Blayze City is an embarrassment to Masonry. It should never have existed. Why? Well, to put it frankly, each Mason City has a purpose to fulfill. Wyvern City was the Capitol and Center of Masonry. The Heart was a poorer district for noobs. Mushville was the wealthy, expensive city. Llamaland was a strategic location with a rich history and culture. Blayze City does nothing. While it does look like an average city at first, with mediocre scores in Benefits, Safety, Culture, Beauty, Affordability, and even a few high scores (like Freedom and Wealth), it is an underperforming city because 1)- it doesn't even come close to comparing to a place like Wyvern, The Heart, or Mushville, other options if you would like to be a Mason Citizen, 2), it is so far away from spawn and so hard to get, many people are not willing to travel here, and 3)- It has no purpose except to compete with Blaire, which it has failed dismally at. Masonry overestimated the amount of people that would be moving out west, and as such the two western towns drained each other of resources. Unfortunately, while Blair is a significant city of the Ginger Realm due to its size, location, and rails out west, as well as having superior architecture, Blayze City has nothing going for it. Just a small island in the middle of nowhere that many people will not notice. There are however, a few benefits to moving here. First is that this town is the freest town in Masonry, with a 4/5. Many laws such as censorship and lightning rod restrictions are not present here. Even PVP is legal. Second, if you are interested in easy access to the west but don't care for expensive Blarian Houses, Blayze City is the place to be. My favorite part is the small DarkstalkerMoon statue in the center of the city, because although this may seem like an extension of Blaire, you are eternally reminded that Masonry is always watching you.

#19- Port Coral (+3 Slots) (Highest Score- Wealth) (Wealthiest Town- +2 Points)
Location- Western Sea, Western Union. Total Score- 50/100 (D-)
An abandoned project, Port Coral is another example of Masonry's overestimation of people wanting to go out west. Jointly governed with Sprucetown (and now Nightcrown), Port Coral is a small island chain in the Western Sea, optimal for Axolotl-Breeding and Fish-Catching. People have chosen not to move here though, due to its isolated location and lack of travel methods. It is extremely hard to find as well, which is why it is one of the few towns with a 0/7 in Ease of Transportation. Now, this may seem like another Nightville Oasis, or Blayze City. This is unlike the previous two, because this town does have a purpose, which is complimented by architecture that is much better than Blayze or Oasis. It was instrumental in ending the cold war as the only joint project between Sprucetown and Masonry, though since then this influence has declined to zero as it was forgotten. Now, there are quite a few upsides if you ever live here. Firstly, it is the wealthiest town in the realm, as it has access to both the vast Mason Treasury and the smaller Night fortune, as well as a plethora of resources stored on the island as well. Secondly, the beautiful coral reefs give it a 7/7 in Natural Beauty, and the Architecture would be nearly perfect if it weren't for the glass tanks and dirt staircases left on the islands. It also has very high Culture, Safety, and Freedom scores. The coral, copper, and sea lanterns are great for the island. However, it also has zero population, influence, and barely any self-sustaining economy. But if you need tropical fish, it's a great place to visit!

#18- Beacontown (-4 Slots) (Highest Score- Land Area)
Location- Great Spruce Wilderness. Total Score- 51/100 (D)
A vast collection of wildernesses spanning from Borderwood to the edges of the Justice Woods, Beacontown is very sparsely populated, but most of its buildings are on either the western or eastern edges. The eastern part of the town is much more developed, it holds a light tower, the realm prison, a surprisingly cheap terraform shop, and... gallows. I think whoever built this place needs to take a visit to Blaire's mental clinic. Anyway, Beacontown is an OK place when you're in its developed parts. Additionally, the Ginger Realm will likely neither notice or care if you build something in it's underdeveloped middle, which is why it is the most affordable town in the Ginger Realm. Beacontown has average beauty and culture, and in the western and eastern edges it is incredibly safe. Very few people go through the dangerous middle, which is why it has a 7/9 in safety. Unfortunately, there aren't very many benefits to living next to the realm jail. Beacontown also has access to very long, lit roads that connect it to Crater Valley and Oakville. Essentially, this place is about as average and generic as towns can get. It certainly isn't bad, but apart from the beacon there isn't much that sets this place apart from other places. But, if you don't want to live in No Man's Land but want your own land for a house, this is the place to be. My favorite part about Beacontown is the very cheap terraform shop which I have visited several times.

#17- Empire of Atlantis (-1 Slot) (Highest Score- Benefits) (Most Citizen Benefits- +2 Points)
Location- Atlantic Sea. Total Score- 52/100 (D)
The Empire of Atlantis looked as though it would have gone through a period of success like Aisle did, but instead it stagnated, now existing as a welfare state propped up by Empire Membership and Mason Aid. A series of scandalous lawsuits from numerous Tax Nations, a death of their first Crownfish, and a rapid deterioration of relations with Masonry is what has caused this town's minor decline. First, let's get through the benefits of being an Atlantian. First, if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck as a new player, Atlantis is the place to go. The government is willing to pay you to live there, provided you are an active citizen. This has resulted in a housing shortage and a massive uptick in population. Additionally, Atlantis is connected to both Wyvern City and Port Atlantis, significant towns in the realm that are great to live by but aren't necessarily the most affordable. Atlantis is also extremely large, and as a member of the Empire, it holds large influence as a lesser power. The final thing to note is that although it has lost nearly half of its wealth to the realm legal system, it still holds a vast fortune that is mostly used to fund the welfare program, making it the second-wealthiest state in the Empire. Unfortunately, Atlantis hasn't addressed several crucial problems of its town. The first problem, as BlastTheGoose can tell you, is the housing shortage plaguing the country. Atlantian Houses are expensive and time-consuming, and it probably doesn't help that it closed relations with several Tax Union countries during the cold war. A solution has been to make the houses out of less expensive material, and while this has partly solved the shortage, it created a new problem- it lowered the town's structural beauty and has left many confused on what the theme of this town is. Previous Mason Colonization has ravaged its Natural Beauty, and it still has no shops despite promises from the crownfish. Lastly, if you do not wish to become an active Atlantian Citizen, these houses can get quite expensive, and the prices will only increase as the government becomes more unstable. Masonry has publicly said it has considered invading Atlantis numerous times. My favorite part of this town is the large sphere in the center, while the inside is kinda lacking, the outside is a structural feat that should be celebrated.

#16- Empire of Llamaland (+4 Slots) (Highest Score- Culture)
Location- Wyvern Mountains. Total Score- 53/100 (D)
One of the smallest cities in the realm, Llamaland has become as influent in realm politics as this tiny micro kingdom has become as influent as Olympic-hosting No Man's Land or Great Power Aisle. During the age of the great war, it was competing with Masonry to become the second realm superpower. Though it lost this fight, it took a coalition of five separate countries, including both Masonry and Ginger, to topple its regime. Considering its size, this is truly impressive. Llamaland has been a satellite state of Masonry ever since the war until last week when it gained independence, though its status in realm politics triggered the cold war. Llamaland is an average town, with average affordability and natural beauty scores, slightly low structural beauty scores, and a slightly high safety score, as Masonry has lit nearly all of the town. It sells a few horse-related items, but its industry cracked after the terrorist organization FreeLlamaland bombed the city. Llamaland also has very high population, and of course, influence. Now, would I want to live here? Probably not. Firstly, if you don't like diorite, this town ain't for you. Almost all of its buildings are built of diorite, calcite, quartz, or a combination of the three. This has been the case since it was first built with stolen Mason Diorite. But even if you don't hate these blocks, the buildings are mostly llama statues and geometric shapes, square houses with flat roofs. Additionally, Mason Laws here are among the most oppressive in the world, and the inability of the governors to properly rule the town means that the growth levels are extremely low. Llamaland's most striking feature however, it its worship of Llamas that is present throughout the town. Statues of Llamas are everywhere, killing Llamas are illegal, and for a while, this made Llamaland the most cultured town until it was surpassed by New Feland. On the whole, this place probably isnt a good spot to live, but it certainly has one of the greatest histories of any country on the realm, the best part of this town.

#15- Dominion of Gloom (+2 Slots) (Highest Score- Natural Beauty) (Most Naturally Beautiful Town- +2 Points)
Location- Brimstone Deltas, Nether. Total Score- 54/100 (D+)
The only town in the Nether, Gloom is undoubtedly the most unsafe town in the realm. While it would be ill-advised to build something in the nether normally, Gloom is built on top of a lava sea (and in some places there is no floor and no guardrails) as well as in the most dangerous nether biome in the realm. On top of all that, it is next to a nether fortress, so you must deal with lava, ghasts, magma cubes, blazes, AND wither skeletons if you visit this place. Since part of it is also in a Crimson Forests, piglins spawn here as well. Think of every possible way that the nether can kill you, and put it all together in a 100x100 square block radius. This is gloom. Fortunately, there are several reasons to go to Gloom. Gloom is the easiest place to farm Blaze Rods and Wither Skulls for potion-brewing and obtaining beacons, and it is also atop the largest Netherite Reservoir in the Realm. Beacuse of this, the benefits of living in Gloom outweigh any potential risks, assuming you have the right gear. Additionally, because of the enviornment it is in, Gloom has the highest Natural Beauty out of any town in the realm, even beating place like Port Atlantis and Crater Valley. It also has a structural beauty comparable to Aisle or Port Coral. Its culture is quite high, and Aisle has constructed a tunnel to Gloom making the journey there relatively safe. Why then, is this town not higher? Simply put, it is virtually impossible to maintain Gloom. Its location means that most vital resources have to be imported from Ginger, and not many people wish to live here long term, instead preferring to just visit for netherite mining or skull collecting. Lastly, the large number of ghasts and the low population mean it would be foolish to open up any shops here, driving down its commerce. All of this has contributed to its low influence which has caused it to fall down the list. But it still is an amazing place to visit. My favorite part is the view from the top of the basalt delta where you can see the lava ocean and the particles of the delta.
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2021.12.04 13:07 RealReedOne It's here! UselessCrypto new competition ranking feature for other coins is live and running! Send your community to https://eclipse.simple.gdn/ to get in on the competition! Who's Useless, now?

It's here! UselessCrypto new competition ranking feature for other coins is live and running! Send your community to https://eclipse.simple.gdn/ to get in on the competition! Who's Useless, now? submitted by RealReedOne to lowmarketcap [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 13:07 tickytickytembo Surgery Date is Dec. 17

So how do you manage clothing since your body will change so rapidly? If this does what it’s supposed to be, I assume I’ll go through several sizes.
Did you just wear baggy clothes until you met your goal weight?
I’m a guy, btw.
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2021.12.04 13:07 Cyko_Somatic On a post about an NFL linebacker.

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2021.12.04 13:07 yeueje Is it possible to get the classic JD hairstyle even if you have very straight hair?

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2021.12.04 13:07 imyunang Happy, catchy, energetic and tuneful indie folk, folk-pop, acoustic tunes. A playlist with 2k followers.

Happy, catchy, energetic and tuneful indie folk, folk-pop, acoustic tunes. A playlist with 2k followers. submitted by imyunang to folkrock [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 13:07 mjd_mufc Ultimate mode is a mess

Every game I play has about 10 goals in it. Either I'm hammered or I hammer the CPU or it's 5-4.
Then you get the games where one goalkeeper saves everything and tye other keeper can barely catch a ball
How difficult is it to get a challenging mode that isn't shit?
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2021.12.04 13:07 ittybityprettykitty Blue eyed blondie

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2021.12.04 13:07 tanmaypendse63 Guishan Island, Zhuhai

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2021.12.04 13:07 J41myTS W?

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2021.12.04 13:07 Tanks4Kidz Shift is rotate camera, can't unbind

I thought Alt was to rotate camera but my shift and Alt key binds appear to be swapped.
Does any one know how to make shift queue and Alt camera rotate?
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2021.12.04 13:07 Medium_Cookie_5556 Big guy screams like a girl on Slingshot ride

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