No, it can't be.

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2021.12.04 13:39 Future_Victory Appreciation of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales game

I have recently completed my playthrough of Thronebreaker and I'm left with quite a very good impression. I could really say that this is an excellent game that elegantly blends more than one genre in terms of gameplay. It's a combination of a visual novel with a Gwent card game, and some light isometric RPG elements. There are quite interesting puzzles too! Yet the real highlight of the game is its story and characters. Just like always.
So firstly, about gameplay. We're given 5 areas of the Witcher world that were not a focus neither in books or games: Lyria, Aedirn, Mahakam, Angren, and Rivia. Those are pretty big maps that Meve is free to explore and collect resources. The resources are spent on the cards or other sudden expenditures. The main action of the game is obviously card games based on standalone Gwent. While the usual 3 round battles are basically original Gwent just versus AI, there are different types of battles that make a twist: they can be puzzles or boss battles. They are very fun. However, if you are expecting some hard puzzles, I think that there is not much of it. After some little trial and error (or guessing the answer right away), you'll definitely guess the right answer. But even if the puzzles aren't difficult, they present a fair challenge that is at times pretty satisfying to overcome. Another interesting thing is boss battles. There isn't much of them in the game, but every one of them is unique and memorable like Gernichora's for example. All in all, while the gameplay isn't the best thing in this game (the usual 3 round Gwent battles can quickly get too easy and boring to play many times), it's pretty okayish just like Witcher 3's combat.
Next is the story, where I would like to be wordier. We assume the role of Queen Meve, a ruler of Lyria and Rivia. She is known to be one of the most (if not the most) brave and influential rulers of the Northern Realms. It is obvious though that we did not get enough of her in the books. While it is understandable why (the story was not about her) it is fair to say that she totally deserves her story to be told and there is an implication of something epic happening around her persona during the second war with Nilfgaard. In fact, I'm quite mesmerized by a great deal of attention to detail and expanding upon the ideas of the books giving us a completely believable version of the legend. The main theme of Thronebreaker is betrayal. Meve is going to encounter a large number of betrayals from many of her subjects, acquaintances, friends, and even loved ones. The narrative structure of the hero making a journey is completely kept intact and the ending is very satisfying because of that.
While only indirectly mentioned in Blood of Elves, Meve's son Villem is mainly causing the main conflict of the story. Right after the moment when Nilfs declare war upon the North, Villem decides to surrender to the empire and become its vassal. A decision for which Meve is highly against. Because of that, Meve is fallen from her throne and is forced to find a way to get her Queen title back and by the way, win the war against the Nilfgaard. Since Meve is a tough woman and a very strict parent, it is understandable and believable that such conflict between a parent and child could happen. It is an indication of the grey morality that is one of the defining characteristics of the Witcher saga. Many times throughout the story, we are presented with difficult moral choices where Meve has to choose between the greater and lesser evil. Sometimes with good intentions, Meve's decisions could lead to devastation and it once again reminds us of Geralt's principle to not choose at all between evils. Personally, I'm very satisfied with how the choices affect the narrative, and sometimes it even influences Meve's group too.
So now we come to the characters. Another shining aspect of the game. Nigh all of the supporting characters are very memorable and frequently they have a little twist that you don't really see coming. For example, I'm very pleased to see a great portrayal of Eyck of Denesle. In fact, his story has got depth and Eyck has got his own problems with his son Siegfried. It is very similar to Meve's own conflict. Eyck is driven by his goals of exterminating the unholy monsters, but this goal affected his personal life and relationships with his loved ones. A kind of further deconstruction of a "knight in shining armor" trope. Other than that, the character feels more alive and three-dimensional.
Similarly, almost all of the characters in Meve's resistance group have depth. Reynard and Gascon obviously get the spotlight. As Gascon has joined Meve's group due to circumstances, he with Reynard act like angel and devil on Meve's shoulders. Reynard is obviously very loyal and highly entitled to royal rules and formalities. While Gascon is more of a pragmatist and opportunist due to obvious reasons. Another highlight should be deservedly given to Rayla. We see her more book-accurate version than Witcher 1's, and there she is a very bloodthirsty monster that is willing to commit every kind of violence against non-humans. She has a pretty poor excuse of being bullied in her childhood due to her elven blood (CDPR's little mistake of mentioning Scoia'taels in Rayla's childhood, when they only were recently formed in 1263, just a few years before the events of the game), but I think it is more due to her nature of almost a psychopathic girl. I was keen to get rid of her in Mahakam. Also, it's more accurate to the book canon if she leaves us in Mahakam because Rayla was later supposed to participate in the Aedirn war.
Other virtuous characters with a little twist in them are Gabor Zigrin (of Zigrins clan haha) and Isbel of Hagge. Gabor is very helpful to Meve during her adventures in Mahakam and shows a lot of hospitality towards her, but in the end, his clan turns out to be a part of a big crime that Gabor wishes to not associate himself with. Similar is Isbel's story. She might be the only sorceress in the Witcher franchise that is just a nice woman without any conspiracies, backstabbings, and awful tempers. However, she was fighting on the side of Nilfgaard at the siege of Cintra and Sodden. As we can see here, many of the characters don't represent clear goodness and evilness, many of them are flawed just like the real-world people are. Those interactions with them are incredibly captivating. Arnjolf and Barnabas are more of minor characters, but again, they are charismatic and memorable and the latter is a funny guy. Besides, we've got a very good boy Knickers.
Ardal aep Dahy was the main antagonist of Thronebreaker. He is presented pretty intimidatingly with his letters from "The Great Chancellor" or "Duke". And I'd say that he works fine as a villain. There are not many scenes with him in the game, but I think that's in line with the books where he was just a minor antagonist. The last fight with him was thoroughly satisfying. And so is the last scene of his inglorious death (which wasn't specified in detail in the books).
There are quite a lot of references to books. I'd like to discuss the important ones of them. We see a lot of other familiar characters coming back once again. I really liked how the game portrays Demavend. Because there are very few scenes of him in the books and he is basically just killed in the opening cinematic of Witcher 2. But here he kind of got his own little story that probably will make you feel bad that he eventually dies by Letho's hands. Other than that, there is a recreation of the battle for the bridge in Gwent. Obviously, Geralt & co show up here. It's a very nice almost shot-for-shot recreation of the scene from Baptism of Fire. I also really liked how Brouver Hoog is shown like a grumpy conservative head of Mahakam, yet in his heart, Brouver is willing to do the right thing. There is also a reference to Zoltan's marriage to Breckenriggs and recreation of some final battles of the second war. And don't forget a funny reference to Yennefer's love of stuffed unicorns!
In conclusion, Thronebreaker is a very good experience and one of the best-written stories in The Witcher franchise. The characters are charismatic, the story is captivating, and the ending feels very fitting to the dark tone of The Witcher. The art, music, and design of the world are just breathtaking. It isn't really possible to get the ultimate golden ending of having everyone happy. Meve has to make sacrifices and in many ways, all the endings feel bittersweet. Even if we know the outcome of the war, the fates of the characters are in Meve's hands. That's why the game feels like a genuinely rewarding journey.
Thank you for reading this far. Feel free to share your opinions about Thronebreaker. What do you think about its handling the book lore and generally portraying it? I'm very curious to know. You should better play the game little by little because the card game might quickly get too repetitive. Maybe there are book inaccuracies or mistakes, but I didn't encounter big ones. Even if so, they wouldn't be glaring at all due to the game's being so compelling. It is actually very sad that the game turned out to be a financial failure. There was definitely a big effort for developing this game and it is clearly done by passionate fans of Andrzej Sapkowski's books. This is why sadly we probably won't get such standalone stories anymore. My opinion is that the game is very underrated. It must be played by any dedicated Witcher fan and you shouldn't be repelled by card game mechanics. It's all about the excellent story
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2021.12.04 13:39 unrestedd Got my car back from warranty work and had to pose up next to the mk8. It’s on transport blocks FYI.

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When update? No update since april
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2021.12.04 13:39 nikokuma-the-bear just finished the game, and i have some question

I recently finished the awesome adventure that this game is, and i have some question about post game thing and such :

  1. What does the new game+ do exactly? Do it keep all of the thing i got in my first game and if yes, does it include the ice rosary and final boss bestiary file ?
  2. How do i use the alternate ama skin (i assume that what they are) that i got for finishing the game ?
  3. What exactly is the tribe of the moon that is mentioned during the ending ? i mostly understood the game lore but i fail to understand what they are exactly, the only thing i got is that the tao flute guy is one of them and that they are the reason why the yokai were able to invade the nippon .
I really enjoyed that game and i'll definitely gonna redo it sooner or later, but i still wanted clarifie those point that i missed, thanks in advance for any response .
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2021.12.04 13:39 NOTSO_SARCASTIC My little yin yang duo

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2021.12.04 13:39 Real-Meaning-6466 BJP Puts Akhilesh Yadav In Trouble By Raising The Issue Of Krishna Templ...

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2021.12.04 13:39 jaxikami Trending post in the Chinese forum. To me it has a scp/cthulhu style horror where you don't exactly know what's wrong but something is def off. I tried my best to translate it. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Tourists’ rules (printed on the map) We as Zoo XXX sincerely welcome you as our valuable guest. Please for your safety, follow the protocols below:

  1. The fences in our zoo are very secured, most animals especially the small herbivores ones can not break out. If u see a wild rabbit, do not get close to it, attempt to touch it or feed it. Please take your child to the closest blue shirt employer, especially if the rabbit sees you and runs at you.
  2. There's one and only one path in the monkey sector of the zoo. If there appears to be two path and the exhibit includes rabbit, choose the left path and leave the sector asap.
  3. Elephants are animals with long trunk, columnar legs, and huge head with temporal glands and wide, flat ears and not WHITE. Please make sure the animals you see in the animal sector are elephants.
  4. The drink shop does not sell "rabbit blood", if you see it on shelf, do not buy it.
  5. Please do not take a break under the shadow in the rabbit sector.
  6. There's no aquarium, if an employer is selling ticket to the aquarium, avoid them.
  7. If you see the aquarium, do not enter, leave immediately and call the number on the map.
  8. You can feed any animal, but not rabbit.
  9. Rabbits do not laugh. If you hear laughter from direction with no other tourists, leave the rabbit sector. While you are leaving the rabbit, tear the map around the dotted line and hold it until you leave the zoo.
  10. If you violated any of the Rules above and found yourself lost. Find the closest drinking shop near you, and inform the blue shirt employer at the drinking shop about your situation (If the employer is wearing black, ignore him and everything he said). He will take you to the lion sector. Please don’t be scared of the lions, they are trained to not attack you. Hide behind a stone, wait for the all lions to howl. Once the lions howled, the employers will lead you out of the lion sector (MAKE SURE HE IS WEARING BLUE), and your families will be waiting for you. After this, leave the zoo immediately.
  11. There’s only four white lions in the zoo. If you see more than four lions howling, do not leave the sector and notify the employer. Inform the employer about this and leave the sector only after the there’s four lions.
  12. You can buy any toys for the child if he is 12 years old or younger. If you buy a rabbit toy for a child between 13-17 years old, throw it away within a month. People above 18 years old can’t get in touch with rabbit toys.
  13. If you see a person wear rabbit ears going into the elephant sector. DO NOT enter the elephant sector.
  14. Lion sector is safe. If you face any problem and can’t find any help. Do whatever you can to make it there.
  15. Beware of the friends and families who have got lost once, especially if they ask you to go to the aquarium/elephant sector with them.
Zoo Employees Protocol Zoo XXX offers high salary, long vacations and employee insurance for every employee. Please for your safety, please work while following the protocols below. Life is valuable, please do not break any of the following protocols for the sake of your family.
  1. If you see a rabbit out in the wild, do not get close to them or try to catch them, try to lure them into the lion sector and let the lions do their job.
  2. There’s only one path to the monkey district. If there are two paths and the exhibition includes rabbits. Make sure all tourists leave through the left path and place the whole district under a lockdown for at least ten minutes.
  3. If the elephant you observe is not the same as the elephant on the indicator. Stop looking at the elephant immediately and constantly remind yourself that the elephant on the indicator is what an elephant should look like.
  4. If you work in a drink store, check the merchandise every hour. If “rabbit blood” appears out of nowhere, take it from the shelf and store it.
  5. Trim the bushes and trees in the rabbit sector once every month, try to make sure there’s no shadow area in the sector.
  6. If one of your colleagues are convinced that the aquarium exists, stop the conversation. They are not who they were.
  7. If you see the aquarium, do not enter, convince yourself that it does not exist, leave immediately.
  8. Feed the rabbit once a week, do not feed them anything other than their designated food.
  9. If you hear laughter in the rabbit sector that is not from a tourist, tear the last page of the Employees’ manual from the dotted line and hold it in your hand. Once you reach the elephant sector, throw it into the grass. The other employees will know what’s going on and will not blame you for littering.
  10. If a tourist asks you for help, mentioning that they have broken a protocol and are lost, bring the tourist to the lion sector. Let the employees in the lion sector do their job. If at any point an employee wearing black shirt tries to assist you, refuse and ignore them. They are not your colleague.
  11. There should be four white lions in the lion sector at all time. If at any point there are more than one of them. Go grab a “rabbit’s blood”. Show them in front of the lions and pour it at the first lion that ran towards you. Leave the sector immediately after this and do not observe the extra lion.
  12. Do not store, import, sort, or use any rabbit merchandise. Try to stay away from them if possible. If a tourist asks to buy one, make sure they are underaged.
  13. If a person wearing rabbit’s ears enter the elephant sector, evacuate all tourist in that sector and place the sector in a lockdown until you hear what appears to be a child’s scream.
  14. If you have symptoms including chest pain, red eyes, ringing ears or slight headache for five minutes, it’s very normal. However, if any of the symptoms above lasted longer than five minutes, Get to the lion’s sector as soon as possible.
  15. Treat the white lions with care (as long as there’s only four of them), they are trained to be friendly around people.
  16. If you are attacked by the lion, protocol 6 and 7 no longer applies to you. Do not go to the hospital, go find the aquarium. You will find it shortly. You will put on a black employee shirt after you reach the aquarium.
??? Protocol (posted outside of the aquarium) If you are lucky enough to see this protocol. DO NOT LET THE OTHERS KNOW YOU CAN SEE THIS. You do not want them to know about this. If you have read the Zoo’s protocol, you should realize that this zoo is far from normal. It is weird and dangerous. We are a secret government organization that is sent here to investigate the zoo and protect the tourists and employees. Follow the protocols below word for word, as it is your only way to escape this zoo.
  1. The moment you enter the aquarium, put on the black shirt. This is the only way to send SOS signals to our agents. When you are walking outside, our agents will notice your shirt. Don’t worry about the other employees, they won’t ask you questions.
  2. Do not go to the lion’s sector.
  3. Make sure you are around rabbits, as they are our code of safety and protection. Any symbol of rabbit would do, escaping rabbits, rabbit dolls, people wear rabbit’s ears, “rabbit blood” drinks from the drink shop.
  4. Do not read the indicator while you are in the elephant’s sector.
  5. Do not follow any of the protocols provided on the map. If you happened to have followed one of them, tear your map around the dotted line and secretly feed that part of the map to a rabbit in the rabbits’ sector. You can leave after you hear a laughter coming out of nowhere. After that go to the monkeys’ sector and leave using the RIGHT path.
Aquarium Protocol (posted inside the aquarium)
  1. Do not enter the aquarium while there are people inside. If an employer greeted you at the door, find an excuse to leave afterwards.
  2. If there’s no one here, feel free to walk around, rest and grab some food. All the food here are free. Do not eat “Lamb Meat”. Ignore it if you see it.
  3. If you come in prior to 16:00, you may stay up to 30 minutes.
  4. If you come in after 16:00, you must stay at least 4 hours.
  5. This is an aquarium, there’s only marine creatures. If you see an elephant in the whale’s sector, pretend that they are whales.
  6. You can stay overnight in the aquarium, there’s room on the left of the jellyfish sector that can be used by tourists and homeless. If you are using the room, please turnoff the jellyfish nightlight before you go to sleep.
  7. All our employees wear red shirt, and only comes in after 12:30 am to clean up and perform maintenance checking. If you see a black shirt employee, you can talk with them, let him be your tour guide but do not in any condition give him your map. Especially the part below the dotted line.
  8. It is your responsibility for violating any protocols above.
  9. The aquarium is an independent organization.
Random piece of paper on the ground On the side of the paper “Escape at all costs” is written with very messy hand writings.
  1. No “Rabbit Blood” only “Lamb Meat” (You can see this line are scratched and rewritten multiple times, but you can’t see what was scratched).
  2. Lamb’s Sector is elephant (A weird white elephant with rabbit’s ears is drawn below this sentence)
  3. Rabbits eat Monkeys. (A circle and question mark is drawn around the word monkeys), can’t talk with employees in monkey sector, can’t go out, can’t feed monkey, can’t enter when there’s only one path.
  4. Can’t enter the aquarium while it is empty.
  5. Only “Lamb Meat” is edible.
  6. If all lights are turned off in the aquarium, it is safe for the night, they won’t lock the door.
7. First four lions are monkeys, the fifth one is lamb, rabbit is elephant, blue is black.
  1. You are elephant (This one is written messily)
  2. I am Lamb (This one is written in an oddly fine way compared to all previous sentences)
Aquarium Employee Protocols (written on the employee manual)
  1. Your working hour is between 00:30 to 6:00, you can leave a little bit early or come-in a little bit late but do not come-in early or leave late.
  2. Make sure all the jellyfish nightlights are turned off for the night. If some rooms still have their lights on at 1:00, remind them constantly to turn off their light. All lights must be turned off before 1:15.
  3. The drowned elephants in the whale district are just 3-D projection. Ignore them. Do not bother where the switch is. It does not need to be turned off.
  4. The surveillance cameras are broken and can’t be prepared so manual patrol have to be performed every hour. It is normal if the power goes out or hear some weird noises. If the power goes out, don’t worry about the fish, patrol as usual and if you are scared, go to the jellyfish sector, the light there is always on.
  5. It’s normal if a tourist has a map of the zoo with them. Leave if they ask for the exact location of the aquarium inside the zoo.
  7. Replace the food in the dining area once per day. If you see something with the label “Lamb Meat”, store it in the special storage box down in the whale’s district.
  8. You can go anywhere you want inside the aquarium during your working hour, but do not leave the aquarium. If a tourist asks to leave before 6:00. Try to stop them. If they insist then let them leave and mind your own business.
  9. If someone wearing a black employee shirt asks to stay for the night. Get them out with whatever you can. Taser gun and pepper spray are permitted.
  10. If a tourist has rabbit themed toys with them. Steal it while they are asleep and store them in the storage box.
  11. You can talk with the tourist as long as all nightlights are turned off before 1:15. If they mention about the zoo try to change the subject.
  12. The aquarium is an independent organization, there is no zoo.
A note left by the last employee at the elephant’s sector To whoever is reading this note:
Hello, pleas follow exactly what I wrote down here while working. These are protocols I have concluded based on what have kept me sane and safe for the last few years. I do not wish to lose another one of my colleagues, and I don’t want to experience anything weird anymore. I believe I speak for you as well. Stay safe.
  1. Remember the color of the clothes you are wearing. Red, yellow, white, purple, whatever. Do not change the color of your clothes. It is important to keep be confident at the way you perceive this world. Do not let “It” sense that you are hesitant or unsure about the world around you.
  2. Believe, trust and have faith. You can always trust another human and only human.
  3. Rabbits eat people. The people wearing rabbit’s ears don’t. Shadow under the leaves kill people, the people trimming the tree don’t. Elephants eat people, people who observe the elephant don’t, neither do the ones who are not looking at the elephant. White lions eat people, shiny jellyfishes don’t. (Written on the side with a childish style: Is it because jellyfish doesn’t have brain?)
  4. “It” will yell when stopped, “it” will laugh if not. Whatever “It” is, stay away from “It” once you found “It”. They don’t know yet.
  5. The random food appearing on the food shelf are tests. Do not read the label, ignore what others say about them. If necessary, buy it as normal food and eat it. Do not let “It” realize that you are sensing it’s presence.
Employers’ Protocol (found on the employers’ desk)
  1. Accept all employees, treat them nicely. Even though the zoo only offers blue shirt for its employees, treat red/black shirt employees like you would to the blue shirt employees.
  2. When alone, it is normal to hear a child’s laughter and crying. Ignore it. Don’t show any sign of irritation or fear.
  3. Do not allow any employee to bring pets to the zoo. If they violate this protocol tell them it’s their responsibility for their own safety.
  4. Check the numbers of white lions in the lion sector every three days. Keep track of the trend in the changes of lion numbers. Record it in an excel file called “It” in the computer. Do not talk with others about this file, do not rename it, do not try to figure out what “It” is.
  5. Every map needs to the dotted line section. The map needs to be produced by the designated factory. Three maps need to be kept at the office at all times ready to be used.
  6. No matter how ridiculous the employees in the elephant sector required their salary to be, provide them with the salary, they deserve it.
  7. While you are checking on the employees, if you see them coming back with rabbits, dried jellyfish, or rabbits bitten by lions. It is very normal
  8. The whole office’s light must be turned on between 1:15 and 6:00 at all times even if the room is empty. This office has the safest power supply, and it is abnormal for the power to go off. In the case of a power outage, tear the map around the dotted lines, and hold it in your hand. Tell the first employee you see about the power outage, regardless of their shirt’s color. They will know what to do.
  9. Do not ask about the aquarium. Feel free to walk in it if you’ve seen one, but make sure you are following their protocols. If protocols seem to be contradicting with each other, follow the most recent one you’ve seen.
  10. Only monkeys and white lions toys are placed in the office. If lamb, rabbit, elephant toys are found in the office, work outside the office until the other employees tell you the extra toys are gone.
  11. You can take a nap during lunch time. But for your own mental health do not fall asleep during night time. If you are tired, do not work night shift.
  12. If the surveillance cameras are broken, check to see if there’s animal fur on it. If there are, do not repair the camera within a month. Buy your own micro camera for that location. The fee will be covered by the company.
  13. It is normal to see dried jellyfish in the garbage can.
  14. If you happen to have violated any of the protocols above, work like you usually will for 13 hours in the office. If you have to eat please order take out. Do not look into the eyes of employees and delivery man while you are working. Do not look at the mirror. Constantly remind yourself that humans have two eyes, and only two eyes.
  15. Always remember that humans are more valuable than other animals.
Notes left in the guests’ room inside the aquarium It is filled with “I’m scared”, “I wanna live”, “don’t trust”, “trust”, “it’s all wrong”, “must write down” on the edge of the note.
  1. Monkeys and white lions can see “It”, jellyfish and rabbit can comfort “It”, elephants and lambs are “Its” toys.
  2. Trust the white lions. It bites the people that have a chance, it bites the people who re hopeless. The howling of the white lion scares “It” away, the howling of the white lion is the elegy for the dead.
  3. You will be noticed for changing your clothes. Do not change your clothes. (written in messy hand writing on the side: allegiance, bravery and determination are humans biggest advantages).
  4. You can trust the employees in the elephant sector; however, they go home after 1:00. Ask for help prior to that.
  5. “It” likes light, especially at night. “It” hates closed off areas. Only take a break in dark closed off areas.
  6. Damn, the “lamb meat” is raw meat (this one is written even messier compared to the others) (side note with less messy handwriting: it is surprisingly somewhat edible)
  7. You will not be noticed when standing near monkeys.
  8. Humans have two eyes and are placed horizontally. One on each side of the nose. The rest are not human. If humans look different, it means “It” are observing. Trust humans don’t trust humans that are not human.
  9. Ignore the happy tourist, they did not notice anything. Find tourist like me who look scared, you can trust them, they already knew.
  10. Be thankful to the dried jellyfish and drowned elephants, they die protecting humans.
  11. There is an exit, but it is not in the monkey district. God knows what’s outside the monkey district.
  12. Always remember that you are a human, not an animal.
Special Q&A on the forum with the original content maker: Q. Are the employees in blue/red shirt not in the same universe/dimension.
A. Yes
Q. Are the reason why the employers and employees protecting tourist because “allegiance, bravery and determination are humans biggest advantages”?
A. Somewhat yes. Their main goal is definitely protecting the tourists.
Q. Are the black shirt employees who try to steal the other tourists’ map already not so human?
A. Yes
Q (cont). Does this mean the black shirt employees have less of a chance of escaping this zoo and have a higher chance of becoming a “lamb”?
A. Yes
Q. Are the rules linked together? For example, because rule A in the zoo cause consequence B. To reduce or avoid the severe consequence of B, rule C is made in the aquarium.
A. Yes
Q. No matter what shirt or what organization you are working for. You have a chance of escaping as long as you believe you are human.
A. Yes
Q. You will only be noticed by it if you have known the protocol and break them.
A. Yes
Q. The jellyfish sector and lion sector, the whale sector and the elephant sector, the guest room and the employer’s office. Are occupying the exact same space but in different dimension.
A. No
Q. The dotted line is a person’s cognitive ability. Once a person lost the part below the dotted line, they are more likely to be corrupted by “It”?
A. No
Q. If you are in a normal state and are bitten by the lions, you can keep your self conscious and not change you clothes in the aquarium.
A. No
Q. Having issues like chest pain headache etc. are a sign that you are changing into a “rabbit”. The ones who reach the lion’s sector will be bitten to death by the lions and the ones who don’t will transform into a “rabbit”.
A. Yes
Q. Do all people escape through the same method or do people with different color shirt escape differently?
A. Most of the time the tourists escape.
Q. Are the aquarium and the zoo occupying the same space but in different dimension?
A. To a certain extent yes.
Q. Does the part below the dotted line affect “Its” observing ability namely preventing “It” from recognizing your specie.
A. Yes!
Q (cont.). Does it only work when you tear it down?
A. Yes!
Q. Are the employers observing “It”, it is closely related to the numbers of white lions in the lion sector.
A. Yes!
Q. Does “It” ‘s behavior changes with light and dark?
A. Yes
Q. “It” can only corrupt people who “It” knows know “It”. Hence it can’t really corrupt children.
A. Yes(?)
Q. “It” can have no eyes, two eyes, multiple eyes. “It” has no concept of eyes.
A. Yes
Q. The elephant and the jellyfish sector are projection of each other. Elephant and jellyfish can be switched.
A. Yes and No.
Q. Are the employees wear black really government agent?
A. No.
Q (cont.): So only the tourist, employees in blue and red are human?
A. No, the employees in black are also human, they just don’t work for a government organization.
I will post my understanding of the reason why the zoo/aquarium exists, what "It" is and what each animal and each color of the shirt represents. Thank you for reading this til the end.
All credits go to the original content maker, I just found them really well written and would like to share them. Original Post: (
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