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i feel like i’m going to break

2022.01.24 03:24 lunacy-at-its-finest i feel like i’m going to break

i’m overwhelmed all the time and it’s starting to get to me. i’ve been a week clean of sh but i want to do it again so bad so i can feel something other than the pain i’m feeling inside. the only thing that’s even kept me from relapsing was my friends supporting me but i got into a fight with one of them because she wants to date an awful person so i feel like i’m just slowly losing all my friends. why would they care if i hurt myself? would they even notice if i was gone? would they go to my funeral? my only purpose in life is to make them happy and i can’t even do that anymore. i’m always disappointing them and i feel terrible about it. there’s no reason for me to keep trying anymore at this point. no one would care if i was gone so why should i stay. my parents wouldnt have to pay for all my stupid school clubs and for my therapy and for my medication. my friends would have one less person to worry about. what’s the point.
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2022.01.24 03:24 Diorrrrr092 The one WrestleMania main event I haven’t seen anybody predict or talk about…I would LOVE to see a part 2

The one WrestleMania main event I haven’t seen anybody predict or talk about…I would LOVE to see a part 2 submitted by Diorrrrr092 to WWE [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:24 jctrn pests hand modeling portfolio

pests hand modeling portfolio submitted by jctrn to DuggarsSnark [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:24 NumerousCranberry441 What was the card you were really excited for but after unlocking it you were underwhelmed?

What was the card you were really excited for but after unlocking it you were underwhelmed?
Prince for me
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2022.01.24 03:24 bananapeel6969 help

PLS help me cure my porn addiction...at this point im jerkin off twice a day and i want it to stop....pls help!
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2022.01.24 03:24 Somewhereinthewild After he poured boiling water on me, I'm more sure that my friend is autistic.

I (F22) went on a road trip with some friends. Another friend asked to join us last minute, and even though my friends were hesitant, we decided to let him join us. He was a bit difficult on the trip. He often separated from us to wander, and woke people up at 4:00 am making breakfast (they were all in the same room and this is his usual wake up time). There was also an incident in which we all decided to split a bunch of dishes at a restaurant and he decided to just get his own food. Then, when the dishes got there, he asked to try almost everything that we ordered. I tried to explain that if he wanted to try everything he should have just joined our split- but he acted torn and said "but I don't want to share my dish, and I just want to try.." . Ultimately he was afraid that we were mad at him so he said he would just pay and joined the split.
On the last day that he was joining us (we would continue to road trip without him) we went out and he stayed at the hotel to sleep. We came back drunk and joking around. He woke up and boiled himself a cup of water (he likes his water hot). After awhile, I turned to him and said something like, "oh man, I feel bad, we're keeping you up! You should be sleeping now!". I'm not sure if he misunderstood or misheard what I said, but I saw that he got kind of upset, so he walked over to me and poured his cup of water on me. It burned, and I was just completely shocked. My bf started yelling at him, while I ran to take a cold shower. It wasn't boiling water by the time it got to me but my back was red and the marks stayed for a few hours. With aloe vera and cold water it was fine the next day.
This is not the first time he's spilt water on me when he got upset. I guess its when he's annoyed but it's also a joke? The first time he did it was after I accidentally spilled water on him, so even though it was pretty uncomfortable, I assumed it was just an odd take on revenge. I don't remember the second time as well, but I've told him before that he shouldn't do it and acted very annoyed that he got all my clothes wet.
As you might already tell, he's kind of an odd guy. He relates to emotions in an odd way, and has weird standards of what's normal. I've also noticed more on this trip that he places very weird values on money and time. An example: he complained that the Uber to the airport was expensive, so he thought he might jog instead. (It's like a 3-4 hour run). He has a great job and makes a lot of money, the Uber is something that he can totally afford. But with the (insane) option of running, he couldn't easily rationalize getting an Uber. It's the same way for groceries. Even if a grocery store is super far away, he'd rather walk to save a couple of bucks.
He also relates a bit oddly to emotions and relationships, sometimes saying that he doesn't know how a relationship would make him more productive, or unsure if sex appeals to him that much.
I know that an obsession with saving money is a trait that some people with Asperger's have, as well as sometimes a complicated relationship with emotions.
I haven't spoken to him since the water incident. I don't really know what to say. He apologized once, but I'm not sure if he fully grasps what he did and how dangerous and unfunny it was. Some people told me that I just shouldn't talk to him after that, but I'm inclined to forgive him... I don't think he remember ed that the water was hot, and I do really think it was some really weird idea of a joke to him. I don't want to cut him off of something that I feel like he can't help?
I know that he struggles with feeling different. That feeling of "everyone has an instruction manual for life except for me" is something that he's expressed before. Of course I don't know for sure that he's on the spectrum- but I've been thinking that a lot more since the road trip.
So what do I do? Do I forgive him? And is there anyway that I can possibly bring up the autism thing? Is there a kind way? Ive seen him struggling and if he was autistic, I think it would help that he knew. I don't know. What should I do and how should I do it?
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2022.01.24 03:24 Anony11111 Streak 14: Zungenbrecher (mit “h”, “i”, “j”, “k”)

Heute hab ich mehr Zungenbrecher vorgelesen.

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2022.01.24 03:24 PianistAdditional (Male) hooked up with a coworkers sister but was blacked out

The title basically says it. This was a couple months ago but I'm still not really over it. It is appropriate to ask the girl what happened? I work with her sister and at first I had no idea what to think and had terrible anxiety when she worked. We are chill tho and actually pretty good friends. However, whenever I see her sister I get super awkward. She'll come to the bar sometimes when I work
I would love to chat more about this with someone if they are willing to give advice
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2022.01.24 03:24 invoute T6 clan looking for

Looking for t6 / last milestone hit always clan. Active everyday. 150-200k per cvc, FTP but in case of hard competition can make more. CB unkillabe, hydra is under construction but have a bunch of good champs (duchess, kymar, nekhret, Lydia, tuhanarak, shamaels for example) Pwr 5.3 mil
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2022.01.24 03:24 Pheonixmaster Road to Top 500 with F2P Account - Summoner Duels RANKED Live Matches!

Road to Top 500 with F2P Account - Summoner Duels RANKED Live Matches! submitted by Pheonixmaster to FireEmblemHeroes [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:24 Delidr Dovevo farlo

Dovevo farlo submitted by Delidr to memesITA [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:24 trueinformation1 Advantages of Hiring an Animation Companies

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2022.01.24 03:24 snatchyopurse 😳😳😳

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2022.01.24 03:24 Mr_Kowala You stop making cash?

Anyone else have the problem of when you get into the higher rounds (35+) you just don’t make a ton of money?
On mobile btw.
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2022.01.24 03:24 matis58 What pack is div4 revards in platin and diamond?

Is it that jumbo elite players pack with 18 80 plus? And second one which is?
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2022.01.24 03:24 Mako7Actual The search for plushie plans

I went crazy during the Hunt the Treasure Hunter event to try and get some plushie plans, but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky. 😖
For the last week or so I’ve been searching player vendors and have yet to find them. (Actually had my first sighting today and almost snagged the Snallygaster, but the player deconstructed their vendor stall while I was looking. Annoying, but guess my caps weren’t good enough🤷🏽‍♀️).
So, I was wondering if anyone had some to sell. I’m looking for the Wanamingo Plushie, the SBQ Plushie, and the Snallygaster Plushie. 😁
I’m on Xbox.
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2022.01.24 03:24 dnadiluna Looking for technical server

Guys, im looking for a good technical server to play. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.24 03:24 loganrad Giveaway to TRADERS ONLY. Exceptional opportunity for traders. 1 nft to first 100 traders. Drop your opensea link of interested.

Giveaway to TRADERS ONLY. Exceptional opportunity for traders. 1 nft to first 100 traders. Drop your opensea link of interested. submitted by loganrad to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:24 Cfairchild123 HELP FIN ROT how do I help this 😭😭 he’s soaking in a kanaplex bath right now but it keeps coming back.

HELP FIN ROT how do I help this 😭😭 he’s soaking in a kanaplex bath right now but it keeps coming back. submitted by Cfairchild123 to bettafish [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:24 HeartMountainMan One month of the sun since the winter solstice

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2022.01.24 03:24 rizzo49er I love this.... 😂 Spread doge everywhere know matter what the haters say....

I love this.... 😂 Spread doge everywhere know matter what the haters say.... submitted by rizzo49er to Dogecoinmemesallday [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:24 MazakS [Store]Flip ruby FN,AWP Medusa WW,Butterfly doppler P4/P3,Butterfly marble fade,Flip black pearl,ST M9 Marble fade,AUG Akihabara,Talon marble fade,Karambit slaughter,Gloves slingshot,Gloves vice,Talon doppler P2,Butterfly night,Karambit doppler P1/P3/P4,ST Paracord fade,Gut emerald/ruby/sapphire FN

Everything in my inventory is up for trade !
If you want to trade something from my inventory just send steam offer!
Looking for items trades too not only keys trades!
Prices are not set in TF2keys but CS:GO keys!
Flip ruby FN ❤️ 0.01 - 1000Keys🔑 31.1.2022
AWP Medusa WW w/crown on scope 0.40 - 1000Keys🔑
Butterfly doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 750Keys🔑
Butterfly doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 750Keys🔑
Butterfly marble fade FN 0.03 - 710Keys🔑
AUG Akihabara accept FT 0.34 - 500Keys🔑
Butterfly doppler P3 FN 0.03 - 480Keys🔑
Flip black pearl FN 🖤 0.05 - 410Keys🔑
ST M9 Marble fade FN Red tip 0.03 - 390Keys🔑
Karambit slaughter FN 0.05 - 340Keys🔑
Talon marble fade FN 0.02 - 330Keys🔑
Gloves slingshot FT 0.35 - 320Keys🔑
Gloves vice BS 0.66 - 320Keys🔑
Talon doppler P2 FN 0.03 - 300Keys🔑
Butterfly night MW 0.14 - 300Keys🔑
ST Karambit doppler P1 FN 0.009 - 300Keys🔑
ST Karambit tiger tooth FN FN 0.03 - 300Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Karambit doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 300Keys🔑
Karambit doppler P4 FN 0.06 - 300Keys🔑
Karambit doppler P4 FN 0.06 - 300Keys🔑
ST Paracord fade FN 0.02 - 280Keys🔑
Karambit doppler P1 FN 0.009 - 300Keys🔑
Karambit doppler P3 FN 0.01 - 300Keys🔑 27.1.2022
Nomad fade FN 0.04 - 250Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Gut Emerald FN 💚 0.03 - 240Keys🔑
Butterfly blue steel FT 0.17 - 240Keys🔑
Bayonet marble fade FN 0.008 - 240Keys🔑
AK X-Ray BS 0.88 - 230Keys🔑
Bayonet marble fade FN 0.01 - 230Keys🔑
ST Bayonet doppler P4 FN 0.02 - 230Keys🔑
Bayonet lore MW 0.09 - 230Keys🔑 31.1.2022
Gloves amphibious FT 0.22 - 230Keys🔑
M9 tiger tooth FN 0.03 - 225Keys🔑
ST AWP Oni taiji MW 0.12 - 220Keys🔑
M9 Doppler FN P3 0.01 - 215Keys🔑
Wraps CAUTION MW 0.12 - 215Keys🔑
Broken Fang Gloves Jade MW 0.13 - 215Keys🔑
ST Gut sapphire FN 💙 0.03 - 215Keys🔑
Gut sapphire MW 💙 0.071 - 215Keys🔑
ST Gut ruby FN ❤️ 0.02 - 215Keys🔑
Flip fade FN 0.03 - 215Keys🔑
Bayonet doppler P4 FN 0.02 - 215Keys🔑
Karambit ultraviolet MW 0.14 - 200Keys🔑
Talon tiger tooth FN 0.01 - 195Keys🔑
Butterfly rust coat WW 0.40 - 190Keys🔑
Bayonet tiger tooth MW 0.07 - 190Keys🔑
ST Bayonet lore FT 0.28 - 185Keys🔑
Survival fade FN 0.03 - 180Keys🔑
Butterfly case hardened BS 0.63 - 180Keys🔑
Desert eagle blaze FN 0.03 - 180Keys🔑
Talon slaughter FT 0.17 - 180Keys🔑
Bayonet slaughter FN 0.03 - 178Keys🔑
ST Ursus fade FN 90% 0.01 - 178Keys🔑
Shadow ruby FN ❤️ 0.01 - 170Keys🔑
Karambit blue steel MW 0.13 - 170Keys🔑
Flip gamma doppler P4 FN 0.01 - 160Keys🔑
Bayonet doppler P1 FN 0.04 - 160Keys🔑
Bayonet doppler P1 FN 0.02 - 160Keys🔑
Gloves amphibious BS 0.56 - 160Keys🔑
ST Stiletto fade FN 0.01 - 160Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Gloves polygon MW 0.14 - 160Keys🔑
ST Bayonet slaughter MW 0.09 - 160Keys🔑
Bayonet slaughter MW 0.07 - 160Keys🔑
Talon crimson web FT 0.16 - 160Keys🔑
M9 Ultraviolet MW 0.14 - 160Keys🔑
M9 Bright water FN 0.06 - 155Keys🔑
ST Karambit night FT 0.31 - 150Keys🔑
Gloves arid FT 0.19 - 150Keys🔑
Gloves omega BS 0.74 - 145Keys🔑
AK Vulcan FN 0.06 - 142Keys🔑
Gloves crimson weave FT 0.36 142Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Karambit freehand FT 0.16 - 142Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Karambit freehand FT 0.19 - 142Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Karambit stained WW 0.44 - 142Keys🔑 28.1.2022
Ursus doppler P4 FN 0.02 - 140Keys🔑
Karambit ultraviolet FT 0.34 - 140Keys🔑
ST Stiletto marble fade FN 0.02 - 132Keys🔑
Stiletto fade FN 90% 0.003 - 132Keys🔑
Butterfly safari mesh MW 0.14 - 130Keys🔑
Butterfly scorched BS 0.49 - 130Keys🔑
Ursus doppler P2 FN 0.009 - 130Keys🔑
Karambit night FT 0.20 - 130Keys🔑
Talon vanilla 0.63 - 125Keys🔑
Talon vanilla 0.27 - 125Keys🔑
Gloves arid FT 0.35 - 125Keys🔑
Bayonet damascus steel FN 0.05 - 125Keys🔑
Bayonet damascus steel FN 0.04 - 125Keys🔑
Huntsman fade FN 90% 0.01 - 125Keys🔑
M9 Case hardened WW 0.44 - 120Keys🔑
Karambit rust coat BS 0.63 - 120Keys🔑
Karambit rust coat BS 0.63 - 120Keys🔑 26.1.2022
ST Flip doppler P1 FN 0.05 - 120Keys🔑
ST Flip doppler P3 FN 0.01 - 120Keys🔑
Talon case hardened WW 0.40 - 120Keys🔑
Stiletto doppler P3 FN 0.03 - 115Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Ursus crimson web FT 0.15 - 115Keys🔑
ST Sruvival vanilla 0.07 - 114Keys🔑
ST Shadow fade FN 97% 0.01 - 110Keys🔑
Bowie gamma doppler FN P3 0.01 - 110Keys🔑 25.1.2022
M9 Damascus steel BS 0.49 - 110Keys🔑
ST Ursus crimson web FT 0.34 - 110Keys🔑
Survival crimson web FT 0.20 - 110Keys🔑
Survival crimson web FT 0.35 - 110Keys🔑
Survival crimson web FT 0.36 - 110Keys🔑
ST M9 Freehand MW 0.09 - 110Keys🔑
ST M9 Bright water FT 0.21 - 110Keys🔑
Huntsman doppler P2 FN 0.02 - 110Keys🔑
Huntsman doppler P2 FN 0.05 - 110Keys🔑
ST M9 Bright water WW 0.38 - 110Keys🔑
Flip doppler P1 FN 0.009 - 110Keys🔑 26.1.2022
M9 Blue steel BS 0.69 - 110Keys🔑
M9 Freehand FT 0.21 - 110Keys🔑 30.1.2022
Falchion doppler P2 FN 0.006 - 110Keys🔑
ST Huntsman tiger tooth FN 0.03 - 105Keys🔑
Stiletto doppler P1 FN 0.02 - 100Keys🔑
Flip lore FT 0.16 - 100Keys🔑
AK Panthera onca MW 0.13 - 100Keys🔑 27.1.2022
Gloves crimson web FT 0.35 - 100Keys🔑
Talon damascus steel FT 0.31 - 100Keys🔑 29.1.2022
Stiletto slaughter FN 0.05 - 100Keys🔑
Stiletto tiger tooth FN 0.03 - 100Keys🔑 29.1.2022
Huntsman doppler P3 FN 0.02 - 100Keys🔑
Huntsman doppler P1 FN 0.006 - 100Keys🔑
AWP Silk tiger FN 0.05 - 100Keys🔑
Bowie marble fade FN 0.03 - 100Keys🔑
AWP silk tiger MW 0.13 - 100Keys🔑
ST Bayonet crimson web WW 0.38 - 100Keys🔑
Bayonet crimson web FT 0.36 - 100Keys🔑
AK Panthera onca MW 0.09 - 100Keys🔑
Karambit urban masked FT 0.37 - 100Keys🔑
Karambit safari mesh FT 0.37 - 100Keys🔑
M4A1 Blue phosphor FN 0.01 - 100Keys🔑
M4A1 Blue phosphor FN 0.02 - 100Keys🔑
M4A1 Blue phosphor MW 0.07 - 100Keys🔑
Bowie doppler P3 FN 0.001 - 100Keys🔑
Bayonet freehand MW 0.11 - 100Keys🔑
Ursus tiger tooth FN 0.01 - 100Keys🔑
M9 Damascus steel FT 0.21 - 100Keys🔑
Talon stained BS 0.58 - 90Keys🔑
Gloves emerald web BS 0.61 - 90Keys🔑
Ursus crimson web WW 0.38 - 90Keys🔑
Gloves black tie WW 0.39 - 90Keys🔑
Huntsman marble fade FN 0.04 - 90Keys🔑
ST Stiletto slaughter FT 0.23 - 90Keys🔑
ST AK Case hardened FT 0.18 - 90Keys🔑
Bowie tiger tooth FN 0.01 - 90Keys🔑
Bowie tiger tooth FN 0.03 - 90Keys🔑
Gut autotronic FN 0.06 - 90Keys🔑
ST Flip freehand FN 0.06 - 85Keys🔑
Flip lore FT 0.27 - 85Keys🔑
ST Baynet rust coat BS 0.76 - 82Keys🔑
M9 Forest DDPAT FT 0.33 - 82Keys🔑
Huntsman tiger tooth FN 0.02 - 80Keys🔑
Gloves foundation BS 0.59 - 80Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Falchion fade FN 89% 0.01 - 80Keys🔑
Bayonet blue steel WW 0.42 - 80Keys🔑
Gut gamma doppler P2 FN 0.02 - 80Keys🔑
Huntsman slaughter FT 0.15 - 80Keys🔑
Gloves bronze morph FT 0.36 - 80Keys🔑 30.1.2022
Skeleton boreal forest BS 0.74 - 80Keys🔑
AK Vulcan MW 0.11 - 80Keys🔑
Falchion marble fade FN 0.03 - 78Keys🔑
Falchion marble fade FN 0.03 - 78Keys🔑
ST Gut gamma doppler P4 FN 0.01 - 78Keys🔑
Gloves ronze morph FT 0.29 - 75Keys🔑
Shadow doppler P4 FN 0.009 - 75Keys🔑
Shadow doppler P4 FN 0.02 - 75Keys🔑
Paracord vanilla 0.12 - 75Keys🔑
Flip lore BS 0.54 - 75Keys🔑
Gloves guerrilla MW 0.14 - 75Keys🔑
M9 Safari mesh MW 0.12 - 75Keys🔑
Huntsman crimson web FT 0.15 - 71Keys🔑
Wraps overprint BS 0.72 - 70Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Bayonet night FT 0.16 - 70Keys🔑
Bayonet ultraviolet FT 0.35 - 70Keys🔑
M9 Urban masked FT 0.36 - 70Keys🔑 26.1.2022
Bayonet stained BS 0.98 - 70Keys🔑 28.1.2021
Falchion tiger tooth MW 0.07 - 70Keys🔑
Shadow doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 70Keys🔑
ST Ursus case hardened FT 0.20 - 70Keys🔑
Gloves case hardened MW 0.13 - 70Keys🔑
ST Flip freehand MW 0.11 - 67Keys🔑
Desert eagle emerald MW 0.10 - 65Keys🔑
ST Ursus ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 65Keys🔑
Gloves fade BS 0.79 - 65Keys🔑
Flip vanilla 0.18 - 65Keys🔑
Flip freehand FT 0.17 - 65Keys🔑
Gloves eclipse FT 0.37 - 65Keys🔑
Wraps arboreal MW 0.12 - 64Keys🔑 27.1.2022
ST Flip night FT 0.37 - 60Keys🔑
ST P2000 Ocean foam MW 0.07 - 60Keys🔑
ST Gut doppler P2 FN 0.007 - 60Keys🔑
Bayonet safari mesh FT 0.15 - 60Keys🔑
Classic case hardened FT 0.19 - 60Keys🔑
Huntsman crimson web FT 0.25 - 60Keys🔑
ST Ursus blue steel MW 0.09 - 60Keys🔑
Flip black laminate FT 0.34 - 60Keys🔑
Gut fade FN 0.01 - 57Keys🔑
Gloves foundation BS 0.77 - 57Keys🔑
Flip freehand BS 0.47 - 55Keys🔑
Stiletto vanilla 0.20 - 55Keys🔑
Flip bright water MW 0.14 - 55Keys🔑
Flip bright water FT 0.33 - 55Keys🔑
Flip black laminate MW 0.13 - 55Keys🔑
Shadow doppler P3 FN 0.05 - 55Keys🔑
M4A4 Asiimov FT 0.34 - 55Keys🔑
Huntsman blue steel MW 0.14 - 54Keys🔑
Huntsman blue steel FT 0.18 - 54Keys🔑
Gut slaughter FN 0.05 - 53Keys🔑
Gut marble fade FN FFI 0.01 - 53Keys🔑
AK Case hardened MW 29%blue 0.10 - 53Keys🔑
Falchion slaughter FN 0.06 - 53Keys🔑 28.1.2022
Flip black laminate FT 0.37 - 53Keys🔑
Huntsman damascus steel FN 0.06 - 53Keys🔑
ST Blue steel FT 0.17 - 53Keys🔑
ST Navaja marble fade FN 0.02 - 53Keys🔑
Navaja marble fade FN 0.03 - 53Keys🔑
Navaja marble fade FN 0.01 - 53Keys🔑
M4A4 Asiimov FT 0.30 - 53Keys🔑
Flip ultraviolet FT 0.19 - 53Keys🔑
Flip freehand WW 0.42 - 50Keys🔑
ST AK Frontside mistly FN 0.06 - 50Keys🔑
Navaja doppler P2 FN 0.006 - 50Keys🔑
Navaja doppler P3 FN 0.04 - 50Keys🔑
Gloves diamondback FT 0.36 - 50Keys🔑
Gloves jade FT 0.21 - 50Keys🔑
Gut doppler P2 FN 0.03 - 50Keys🔑
Gut doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 50Keys🔑
Gut doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 50Keys🔑
Gut doppler P3 FN 0.02 - 50Keys🔑
Gut tiger tooth FN 0.01 - 50Keys🔑
ST Bowie ultraviolet FT 0.37 - 50Keys🔑
Falchion case hardened FT 0.16 - 50Keys🔑
ST Stiletto ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 48Keys🔑
Stiletto ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 48Keys🔑
Bowie damascus steel FT 0.29 - 48Keys🔑
Falchion crimson web WW 0.38 - 46Keys🔑
ST Navaja tiger tooth FN 0.03 - 45Keys🔑
Flip boreal forest MW 0.14 - 45Keys🔑
Classic blue steel FT 0.27 - 45Keys🔑 31.1.2022
Huntsman damascus steel MW 0.10 - 45Keys🔑
Flip overtake FT 0.19 - 45Keys🔑
Bowie stained FT 0.31 - 45Keys🔑
Bowie stained FT 0.18 - 45Keys🔑
Gut autotronic FT 0.33 - 43Keys🔑
Gloves overtake FT 0.37 - 42Keys🔑
Shadow ultraviolet MW 0.08 - 42Keys🔑
Ursus boreal forest FT 0.17 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves case hardened FT 0.20 - 40Keys🔑
Huntsman boreal forest FT 0.16 - 40Keys🔑
Falchion blue steel MW 0.10 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves forest DDPAT FT 0.37 - 40Keys🔑
Stiletto night stripe FT 0.36 - 40Keys🔑 31.1.2022
Gloves bronzed FT 0.22 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves bronzed WW 0.39 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves transport BS 0.71 - 40Keys🔑
Flip safari mesh MW 0.09 - 40Keys🔑
Flip rust coat BS 0.63 - 40Keys🔑
ST AWP Wildifre FT 0.29 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves smoke out BS 0.79 - 40Keys🔑
Classic night stripe MW 0.14 - 40Keys🔑
Shadow crimson web FT 0.15 - 40Keys🔑
Shadow tiger tooth FN 0.009 - 40Keys🔑
Shadow crimson web FT 0.35 - 40Keys🔑
Huntsman damascus steel FT 0.20 - 40Keys🔑
Flip blue steel BS 0.57 - 40Keys🔑
Stiletto ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 40Keys🔑
Paracord boreal forest BS 0.62 - 38Keys🔑
Paracord stained BS 0.96 - 37Keys🔑
Flip damascus steel FT 0.18 - 35Keys🔑
Flip urban masked BS 0.45 - 35Keys🔑
Huntsman boreal forest FT 0.19 - 35Keys🔑
Gut vanilla 0.38 - 35Keys🔑
Gut damascus steel FN 0.05 - 35Keys🔑
AWP Containment breach MW 0.10 - 35Keys🔑
Falchion scorched FT 0.26 - 35Keys🔑
Gut black laminate MW 0.10 - 35Keys🔑 31.1.2022
Bowie ultraviolet FT 0.35 - 35Keys🔑
Gut damascus steel MW 0.11 - 35Keys🔑 31.1.2022
Gloves charred BS 0.76 - 35Keys🔑
Wraps badlands BS 0.60 - 35Keys🔑
M4A1 Mecha industries FN 0.06 - 35Keys🔑
Paracord boreal forest FT 0.37 - 35Keys🔑
Stiletto safari mesh FT 0.15 - 35Keys🔑
Ursus boreal forest FT 0.15 - 35Keys🔑
Gloves overtake BS 0.48 - 35Keys🔑
Gloves snakebite FT 0.37 - 35Keys🔑
Gloves buckshot FT 0.36 - 35Keys🔑
Bowie rust coat BS 0.59 - 35Keys🔑
Flip ultraviolet BS 0.58 - 35Keys🔑
Bowie ddpat FT 0.35 - 35Keys🔑
Gut bright water MW 0.10 - 35Keys🔑
Gloves forest DDPAT BS 0.70 - 33Keys🔑 31.1.2022
Survival urban masked FT 0.35 - 33Keys🔑 28.1.2022
Shadow ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 33Keys🔑
Gut safari mesh WW 0.44 - 28Keys🔑
ST AWP Hyper beast FT 0.18 - 28Keys🔑
B/O is not in hydra keys
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I wanna post here too!+1!1!1!!@@;_$\×
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