[Event] A Son, An Heir

2022.01.24 02:59 wpgan [Event] A Son, An Heir

Le Château des Ducs de Bar, Barrois - XXII Decembre, Anno Domini MDX
For Marguerite’s pregnancy, Antoine had decided to temporarily relocate his family to the Château des Ducs de Bar - the Duke’s primary residence in the Duchy of Bar, though after his father had joined the two houses in personal union, it served mostly as a vacation château. It was quieter than Nancy, especially after most of the nobles of Bar who wished to be in close proximity to the Duke had sent their retainers to the Ducal Palace in Nancy to attend court. His father’s repairs to the old castle and his mother’s new Italian garden meant that there was certainly no want for comfort in the château.
Antoine split his time between the palais and the château, often being pulled away from the peace of Bar-le-Duc to the comparative chaos of Nancy. He wasn’t quite sure how his father managed it all for so long - the constant harassment by courtiers for favors and for discussions on truly menial things, the administration of the various townships and counties and baronies. The Bailiffs were his greatest friends so far, helping him greatly as he dug through the logs of taxation for the Duchies.
He also found out, quite quickly, of his wife’s love for artists and for reading. Often during her stay at the château, especially as her stomach became rounder and she couldn’t spent her time walking throughout the gardens or riding through the countryside, she’d send requests to Antoine, asking him to bring books from the large library of the palais for her to read. The requests had started out almost hesitant, the letters containing long and winding explanations of exactly which books she wanted and why - almost as if to convince him to bring them. Once he’d made it very clear that he didn’t particularly mind lugging a few dozen books everytime he rode from Nancy to Bar-le-Duc, the requests had gotten a lot more casual.
Antoine must’ve brought a hundred books from the library of the palais over the nine months of Marguerite’s pregnancy. He quietly wondered how she actually read all of those books, but he didn’t question it.
In late December, it was becoming evident that Marguerite would give birth soon, as she was gradually confined to her bed and the neighboring rooms of the château - and had the books brought to her bedside rather than her going to the books in the library. Antoine spent the first two weeks of the month in the château with Marguerite, but was called away to Nancy on “urgent” business by the Bailiff of Nancy on December 17th regarding the pleas of local peasants who were suffering in the hard winter. Taking off the morning of the 18th, he arrived back in Nancy mid-day on the 19th and spent the rest of the day in the niceties of court. On the 20th, he took to the city to attempt and address the issue, sorting out an agreement with the local bourgeois regarding sale of grain at a reduced price during the winter.
Antoine planned to spend the 21st and the 22nd at court in Nancy to handle any outstanding affairs so he could return to his wife at Bar-le-Duc for Christmas and the New Year’s. However, just after dinner on the 21st, an exhausted messenger rode through the gates of the palais, having ridden the whole day. The message he bore was simple: earlier that day, Marguerite had gone into labor.
Antoine wasted no time getting back on the road, leaving at first sunlight and riding ahead of his carriage and company - only accompanied by a few guards and companions who could push their horses as far as he was pushing his own. By evening, he was dashing through the front gates of the château demanding to see his wife.
When he enters his wife’s room, the handmaidens stepping aside, he is greeted by the exhausted yet happy face of Marguerite - and in her arms, a small bundle of cloth gently crying.
It’s a son - an heir. Born Charles de Lorraine on the 22nd of December, 1510, he is the future of the Duchy of Lorraine and the Duchy of Bar. After penning two letters to the King of France and to his brother-in-law Francis respectively, the celebrations for Christmas and New Year are extra special for Antoine and Marguerite.
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2022.01.24 02:59 larakf Cole’s Channel Recap: Leaving Newborn Baby On Strangers Doorstep *Baby Doll

In Cole’s latest attempt to make meaningful content, Cole (age 24) will be pranking people by leaving a doll on their doorstep. Super heartwarming, right?
To begin, there’s a flashback so that we don’t forget that Cole (the savior) married Savannah (the victim) and became a cute little made for YouTube family. Cole tells us that at the time Ev wanted a reborn baby, and also at that time he knew nothing about them (which makes sense because what 19 year old is into the doll scene??). If you don’t know what they are, they’re dolls that look like a real baby…except for they are fucking creepy and a sub against humanity. Apologies if you’re a fan, but I stand by my words! 🤣 They can cost thousands of dollars; Cole shows some in the vlog that cost an upwards of 2K. Ev obviously got one called Caleb, and it was obviously used to create content and prank unsuspecting strangers back at the time. Caleb’s head eventually fell off and they threw him out. RIP.
Cole, who is not creative or well-liked at all, decided it was time for real baby pranks once again. He ordered 3 knock off reborns, but they weren’t good enough for Cole’s high quality content channel. He then decided to spring for the real deal. Check out Cole’s new doll!!!
Cole claims to have friends. The first non-strangers to be pranked are The Bakers. They did not answer, but their house cleaner did. she opened the door and closed it, clearly not there to fuck around. Cole gets his doll and heads to house 2. No idea who these people are, but I guarantee they’re hired to do this. They do some very fake surprised bad acting. They were literally laughing just a bit while saying things like, “That’s cap. That’s so crazy” in a very nonchalant tone. They see the camera, and then they see Cole. Now he’s onto house 3 (who we later see is the Cheos, pretty sure). They were just like, “Mom there’s another baby.” As Cole, who is a 24 year old father to almost 3 and a step dad to one, drives away he says that the house cleaner at house 1 called the cops. For this shit, he should be fined simply for wasting people’s time. He drives back to house 1 to explain to an officer (now on the scene) that “their our friends, we have a fake baby, and we are essentially ding dong ditching our friends with a fake baby.” See the officer processing this here. TWENTY-FOUR, guys. 24.
Cole, the beacon of immaturity, is now off to the mall. Unmasked, he is playing with his doll by putting it down the slide in a play area. He then walks to a kiosk to fake interest in their sweatshirts, drops the baby, and fakes out the employee. Super cool and meaningful for sure. He then went to Claire’s and asked them to pierce one ear, to which they decline. He leaves and then wanders up to a group oushing a stroller. When asking how old their baby was, he drops his doll and they showed some minimal concern…”oh my gosh.” 😐 Next up in Cole’e embarrassment tour, he walks up to 3 ladies and asks them to hold his baby while he was ordering food. They wanted nothing to do with it and told him no. Instead of walking away, Cole throws the baby at one of them and she sort of half screamed but not really. He tries to put her in a massage chair, runs into the person whose cleaner called the cops on him, and then goes outside the mall to toss the baby in the air. As a woman walked out he actually dropped his doll, and she showed zero reaction. Didn’t even look. This same thing happened with two more people who couldn’t have cared less.
Does he go home? No. Back to houses. Pretty sure the next house is the Yovins. They saw him on camera, so no surprise reaction.
Last up, Michelle Foley. She kinda fell for it and kind of knew something was off. She screamed when she saw Cole, which quite frankly I would too.
At the end, the closer says “Subscribe for a joke.” Don’t need to, Cole! I just watched one!
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2022.01.24 02:59 LifelnTechnicolor Wife won’t let me buy a new TV so instead of having a grown-up discussion about it, I trick our children into destroying it. Epic gamer move

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2022.01.24 02:59 campingbutcher why does mainstream reddit have this pretentious obsession with "science" but then plays dumb about the contemporary scientific consensus on gender and chromosomes?

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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.24 02:59 CandidMoon7 Just fully understood the meaning of 16/04/16 (Jack’s Song)

So, yeah, the title pretty much says it all. However, I've been literally crying so hard for the past thirty minutes (still am). I've lost a lot of friends throughout my life. Who knew that music could cause such a reaction in me?
Either way, this is going on my top ten favorite songs.
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2022.01.24 02:59 BobBaratheon123 Shouldn’t there be some kind of cap on the value of team you face?

I’m in division 4 and the amount of times I’ve faced off against teams with individual players several times the value of my club is staggering. Not complaining because it doesn’t make to huge of a difference but shouldn’t there be some control on this. My club is worth 350k and I just faced Maradona then zidane haha. This happens all the time
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2022.01.24 02:59 KushRik How do I make an army list?

I’m new to wargaming; another D&D player getting into 40K in 9E. I’m having a moment trying to wrap my mind around how armies are constructed. I’m doing Orks and at this point I’m kind of blindly buying models with just a vague idea of what I need to be doing. I’m pretty good at picking up rules and I watch a lot of YouTube, but I’m just not sure where to start. I’ve got assembled a Combat Patrol box and a bunch of other various boxes. Any help and/or links appreciated!
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2022.01.24 02:59 PhilosopherSully All the posts about Cathie Wood and ARK show how worthless the content on this sub has gotten

I was fortunate enough to join WSB before the whole GME thing and the influx of "investors" who think that's how stocks behave, or that multiple 100% gains in a month is normal.
This sub is where I learned about options in the first place. It's where I learned about covered calls, and greeks, and other things. There was valuable DD on the front page, and absurd plays with ridiculous mathematical justifications. Now I have to comb and dig to find anything of value.
All I see is bullshit. Let me get this straight. You saw an ETF that had been running +40% for 5 years. A fucking ETF without even a respectable dividend. And you bought it at the peak? It goes down, and now you're flaming it as a terrible strategy? Or you bought a "growth stock" that has tanked, but you thought it would keep going after already being +200% over the past 12 months?
You know Warren Buffett was down 14% in 2015? He was down 34% in 2008? 24% in 1999? The greatest investor of all time only has an average compounded return of 20% a year.
And you're losing your minds because ARK couldn't do another 40% year for the 6th year in a row? Holy fuck. The short sightedness and lack of awareness is amazing.
I get the pain. I have 4500 shares of PLTR sitting at a $24 avg. I have 1100 shares of LMND at $54, and 1000 shares of PATH at $49. My unrealized losses hurt.
But you know what? I did my research. I only bought companies I was comfortable holding forever. I bought way off from all time highs. I sold covered calls at high premiums, and have continued to buy back on down days and sell more on up days.
I also bought 800 shares of QYLD at $22, and have been collecting that dividend for many months. And last month, they doubled the fucking dividend because all the calls have been expiring OTM.
I like growth stocks, and I also like other things. Stop bitching because you got burned. Learn how the market works. And if you're going to see shit on a strategy outside of memes, bring numbers or please stfu.
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2022.01.24 02:59 reanimagix i9 11900KF for $400 in 2022

Hi all, So from where I live, I have a chance to get an i9 11900KF for what converts to 400 USD. I know this CPU has been dubbed the worst flagship of all time but honestly, it's really looking like a good deal now since much of the negative reviews came from it's price to performance ratio. Now it seems pretty reasonable and I think that outside of synthetic benchmarks and compression tests where it got smoked by 12900k and others, this is still a beast CPU for most use cases and for the price its at now. I could go for the 12900k but I'm just not completely sold on the p and e cores and the efficient hand off that apparently can only happen on Windows 11 due to it's scheduler. As of the moment I'm not that compelled to upgrade to 11 yet so that means I also won't be maximizing the 12900k. It's also almost 300usd more plus the prices of good z690 now are ridiculous. What do you guys think?
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