ete5b zfnii a9zie ne7rf ssdsi 632nn 6t8ak 9zyn8 7n7s3 a678i bn4f7 aby2r 9t98t i8e7k b439f rabi8 knkdy fez56 a5k94 7i2be ae74d Moviebiz coin is dedicated to helping independent filmmakers with unique, compelling and powerful stories or films that make a contribution to society, get their films funded and, creating a marketplace where content is showcased instantly to a trusted global community of buyers. |

Moviebiz coin is dedicated to helping independent filmmakers with unique, compelling and powerful stories or films that make a contribution to society, get their films funded and, creating a marketplace where content is showcased instantly to a trusted global community of buyers.

2022.01.24 03:34 igorfeloff Moviebiz coin is dedicated to helping independent filmmakers with unique, compelling and powerful stories or films that make a contribution to society, get their films funded and, creating a marketplace where content is showcased instantly to a trusted global community of buyers.

Moviebiz coin is dedicated to helping independent filmmakers with unique, compelling and powerful stories or films that make a contribution to society, get their films funded and creating a marketplace where content is showcased instantly to a trusted global community of buyers. #MBZ #MovieBizCoin #ERC #Crypto
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2022.01.24 03:34 emilymay888 Did putting them in their room help?

My 7.5 month old is super unpredictable with sleep. We haven’t sleep trained and initially weren’t planning to but something’s gotta give. Right now I never know if we’ll be getting hourly wake ups, a split night with a three hour wake window or a lovely long sleep with one short wake up.
Before I take the plunge into sleep training I’m wondering if having her in her own room will make a big difference. At the moment she’s in a pack n play next to my bed. I think my movements might sometimes wake her or she can sense I’m there and want cuddles (mind you bed sharing doesn’t get me longer stretches anyway). I’m looking for anecdotes from people who made the switch at this stage. Did it help, hinder or not change a thing?
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2022.01.24 03:34 wuanlai65 ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚡ Launching Now on BSC ❤ Low Marketcap!! ☀︎ Join our telegram!

Welcome To ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️
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♟️ Token Details ♟️
Contract Address: 0x7f84f9A0ae61839D1eeD2B92d0F6AC4A4E59C35C
Name: AlienX
Symbol: ALX
Decimals: 9
☢️ Useful Links
↪️ Pancakeswap:
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2022.01.24 03:34 Cube_luke Quest complete: Shadow of the Storm

I joined a demon-summoning group in order to kill the demon when it was summoned. It turned out the group leader was the demon!
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2022.01.24 03:34 myrantaccount50 First time using Skip the Dishes and it was so expensive???

I live out in the boonies where food delivery services do not deliver so I've never really used uber eats or skip. I stayed with a friend the other weekend and decided to download skip the dishes and order us some food.
I ordered two gyros from Jimmy the Greek and two small bottles of coke. It came to 41 dollars.
I... Couldn't believe it. I was already in the process or ordering it and didn't want to back out as my friend was watching, but I was in disbelief. Is this normal? Two gyros and two small bottles of coke for 41 dollars. It's double the price if I had just ordered it from the mall.
If that's normal I'll shut my mouth and not complain anymore but I just wanted to see what others had to say about it.
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2022.01.24 03:34 LunarPsyche You’re my cool flame.

You and I. How long do we keep playing this unspoken game? We are just lying to each other. What once was pure will now be forever tainted.
Maybe we are just chasing the high, wanting the fire we make each other feel. But as we both wake up, we just regret what we did in the nights we let go of ourselves to each other.
We will never be transparent with each other despite the deepest of secrets and fantasies spilled; your walls are as high as mine. Those walls will forever be there, for none of us will dare try to break the other.
We stay together when the night creeps in but leave each other when dawn breaks. You’re like a cool flame, burning me in the coldest of nights. Yet this fire you light inside me dies when the sun shines on our faces; now you become cold in this warm day. We are close yet the distance between us is sky and earth. As much as we may want each other, we can never have each other.
What we have is one that will end someday. Our promises to keep each other will not stop the inevitable future. We are not being truthful. I am not blind…I can see it. I can feel the distance between us. Do you see it? Do you feel it? I tear up for the dynamic we built. What I would give to start again with you.
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2022.01.24 03:34 RepresentativeAd5042 Has anyone talked to your favourite Bakugan before

I still do it with my mercury dragonoid because I'm lonely almost all time. So does anyone else do it or did it?
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2022.01.24 03:34 ludicrosity548 Can't figure if its 9 am or 3 pm

Can't figure if its 9 am or 3 pm submitted by ludicrosity548 to memes [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:34 maninthehighpalace Progress Report and's a bit of both

As the title states, this post could either be seen as a progress report or as a crossroads where I'm genuinely not sure which way to turn. I'll try my best to keep it to the point, but it will likely be a long one.
Mission: This mission started off as a relatively simple SP mission; aimed at entering a relationship with a specific man (we'll call him Mr X).
Background (I think the context is important): I have been using the LOB deliberately in the past several years, though not in as disciplined a manner as laid out in the index. I tended to jump from technique to technique but stuck mostly to those prescribed by Dr Murphy in POSM. Like many, I did initially dabble in LOA bullshit until I came across the likes of Neville Goddard and Florence Scovel Shinn and their contemporaries; many excellent teachers but not quite as effective as Dr Murphy. His message was the clearest and to the point, and thus I decided to become a reader and follower of this sub. I still, however, had many successes in achieving my desires prior to beginning the specific training described in the index, but I now know that had I employed these refined techniques in my past, I may have accomplished more. In any case, not a problem - everything is reparable. Now, to the current matter at hand: the SP background...
Mr X recently went through a difficult breakup. Moved several times and ended up in my current city. I had recently went through a breakup of my own which was tough, but nowhere near as sever as Mr Xs. In late December, 2021, I decided I would start to put myself out there again to date as I felt that I was ready for this step. The driving desire behind me doing this was to be in a healthy, loving relationship with the right person, but that's always been a general goal of mine. Mr X reached out to me and we ended up hitting it off over text. He was down to earth, charming, handsome, and everything I wanted in a partner. He had the same ideals that I did. We were about to meet on a date when last minute he cancelled and said that he was just going through too much and wasn't ready to meet. I have been courted by so many men in the past that I can very easily deal with rejection or when things don't go my way. I'm not clingy, and I don't like pressuring others into something, especially dates. I don't want to date anyone who isn't interested in me. That being said, I am human and I have my sensitivities. In this case, it's that there was something about Mr X that drew me to him: he stood out from the rest. He checked every box on my list, so to speak, and he was someone who I saw a possibility of a potential future that I thought was worth entertaining and exploring. Because of this, when he said that he wasn't ready to do this and wanted to call off the date the next day, I felt sad. But for some reason, this was more intense than I am used to feeling. Even before meeting him, I had allowed my mind to construct a subjective imagination of a possible future with him in my mind. This imagined future was constructed more like a daydream than a controlled scene (per the index) however was done in somewhat deliberately in a relaxed state. I was excited after we had started texting, and allowed myself to become immersed in that dream of imagined possibilities. The thing is, however, that I almost NEVER do this. I usually play things very cool when I meet new guys, even ones I'm super excited about, and I let them play out without too much emotional investment. This was different. It was like the desire chose me. So, despite that small imagined future that I had daydreamed earlier being shattered, I, being my very understanding and empathetic self, responded back to Mr X's text and told him that I respected his decision and wished him all the best. In my mind, however, I told myself that I'm going to make this work, and that NOTHING is impossible. I then began to craft a text response that was so eloquent, where words seemed to flow out of me perfectly (Background: I happen to be somewhat talented at writing (sometimes), or so I've been told by friends and past teachers). Not the response itself, but the gist of the response was: I completely understand, I respect your decision and wish you all the best. If you ever change your mind, you know how to reach me. To my pleasant surprise, Mr X responded back afterwards and said that he would reconsider and so I ended up meeting Mr X for coffee the next day. Remember; at this point I had not yet started with the formal training tasks in the index.
We met for the date and it went incredibly well. I left that date feeling energized, optimistic, and beaming. There was, however, something unique about this date. I've met and dated many people in my life, and only with a tiny tiny tiny number (around 2) did I ever feel such a strong attraction to that left me with that feeling of heartache and attachment after only one encounter. Of course, in the past, I wasn't as well versed in the LOB and so those ships had sailed. With this person, however, I felt more than I had ever felt towards another human being before. This feeling of heartache is painful, almost agonizing, yet simultaneously beautiful. The closest feeling to it is the feeling of loss, or grief for someone who had passed away. Yes, you read that correctly. It was that intense, and while I know that it was uncomfortable, I found tremendous value in it for this reason: it confirmed that this was a true desire; that this was an unmistakable sign from the universe/god/divine love/infinite intelligence that the prerequisite to the practice of the LOB was there; to know exactly what you want and to truly want it. It wasn't a schoolgirl's infatuation; it was a definite feeling. It was this innate feeling, or knowledge, and partly an inner decision that I made but felt was already made for me in a way, that he was the person that I would end up being with. There he was, sitting right in front of me. From that moment, that was when I decided that I would begin to do the formal training. I felt that if, by any universal possibility, this was the right (or a right) person for me, then I wouldn't leave anything to chance and I would do my best to all for this to come to pass.
Training/Techniques: I followed the training in the index to the letter.

Early Days of Training, What happened?: I was, and still am consistent with my techniques. I would do the mental work day in and day out. There would be some days here or there where I would miss a session or not do my affirmations, but in general I would be consistent. There would also be a small handful of nights where I would be so sleepy that I would forget to do the PSP, but again, in general, I was consistent. The important thing is that it doesn't have to be perfect, just consistent enough. It takes some discipline, just like the gym. Skipping a workout or two or having a cheat meal here or there is not gonna matter in the end, as long as the general direction is forward; always forward.
At first, I was crappy at doing my SH scenes. It would be difficult to get that same feeling I was aiming for, but then I started hitting it and the scenes would feel more "real". For me, I struggle to have my imagination be super vivid, but the "real" feeling I describe is more of the sense that the scene I had just imagined was not a fabrication but a memory. I would try to make it feel like a present experience or a memory that had definitively already happened. Maybe not the tool for everyone, but it helped me so I stuck with it.
Circumstances Changed: Following the first date, I would occasionally text Mr X, we would have some conversations about different topics. Over the course of those conversations, I discovered a few things, and they weren't good: 1) Mr X was planning on moving to a different city in a different state in May 2022. So, I said, not a problem, I was willing to entertain long distance. So, we also discussed that topic, and sadly, 2) he said that he just was not willing to go through that again. He was firm on this, but said that despite this, he was still open to us getting to know one another, as long as I was alright with the fact that once he moved, long distance was not possible. But, with that, it also most likely meany that a relationship with him was out of the question, and that this would either be a FWB situation, casual fling, or just a platonic friendship, though this was only implied and not explicitly discussed. Yes, this stung at first, BUT I also knew that nothing was impossible in divine mind. Also, I had read quite a few SP pouncemonials on here. If someone could end up with their SP after getting blocked, ghosted, yelled at, or whatever, then circumstances could absolutely change in my favor. Nothing is impossible. He could decide not to move to that different city and decide to stay here near his family. I could suddenly get offered a job in the other city, though that's not currently my plan or desire, but something could work out. Any number of things could happen, and what they are is irrelevant, except that it will all fall into place somehow. This was the belief I had to program into myself; that everything would work out.
Now, here is the important part: The beauty of SH and the SC mind, is that when you successfully program something in, the effects on your CM state can sometimes be picked up immediately. In my case, there came a point (around 2 weeks after starting my formal training, which puts us at mid-January 2022, and after I had found out that he was only here temporarily which made me long for him more) where I stopped feeling the heartache that I felt for Mr X. It just vanished, and even through I still knew I wanted the desire, the emotions of angst, longing, and heartache I would feel for him just dissolved, and were replaced with a certain feeling of peace, serenity, and poise. I felt calm whenever I would think of him. I still knew I wanted to be with him, but I felt no anxiety or doubt about whether or not it would ever happen. I just felt a confidence, and even that detached sense of not really caring too much about the outcome that many others on the sub sometimes cite as being a hallmark of successful impression of a certain belief onto the subconscious mind. It was a very liberating feeling, and I still feel it to this day. Or, rather, I am free of the feeling of doubt and angst about the outcome. In fact, this calmness was so significant that I'm even beginning to just feel normal and unmoved when I do my SH scenes.
So, what happened next? I found out that he bought a house in his new city last weekend. He traveled there last weekend to hunt for homes, and ended up having an offer be accepted by the seller and now has planted roots in his new state and city. But get this: it didn't faze me one bit. I congratulated him on the purchase, and genuinely wished him the best of luck with it. I genuinely felt happy for him, and didn't feel even an ounce of worry over what it meant for my desire (Also, just to be clear, I was still continuing with the training every day). There was, however, one detail that I found interesting: he ended up purchasing a home that was still under construction, and would likely not be complete until the end of 2022. So, the way I see it, he went from only being here in my city until May, to now being here for the rest of the year. That's plenty of time for anything to happen. Minds can change, he could reconsider his stance on long distance if we began to fall for one another in that time period. That's one of many possibilities. And, again, I don't ever dwell on the "how", but I just use that to tell myself that this is just one of a plethora of possible paths this story could take towards my desire. I knew that the end was guaranteed, just as I knew that if I purchased something off of Amazon (or wherever), it would inevitably be at my doorstep within a couple days or so. Now I call that progress - 5 months in town now extended to 11-12 months (barring any construction delays LOL, JK JK ;). I'm playing the long game, and I'm perfectly happy being patient and continuing on with my training.
Also, keep in mind that we have yet to have our second date, though we have been texting on and off over the past couple weeks and things have been friendly. He seems to be warming up to me more, but again, I try not to read into it too much. I don't ponder over whether or not to message him or not. Sometimes I feel the urge to say "Hi, how's your week going?" and sometimes he messages me asking how my day went. I think I'll probably wait until he asks me out on a second date, or maybe I decide one day I feel like going to dinner and decide to see if he wants to tag along. It honestly doesn't matter; I just feel relaxed about it, because I have this inner confidence that the end is guaranteed.
The Dilemma: Alright, here is where things get interesting and juicy. So far, Mr X and I have only met in person once (late December 2021), and the remainder of our communication has been via text only since then. I still had the dating apps on my phone and had occasionally checked my matches and message requests over the past weeks. Lots of guys trying to court me, some quite attractive, but none that really caught my attention, until last week. A new guy (let's call him Mr Y) started messaging me, and seemed nice enough so I decided to entertain it. I told myself "eh, why not? Let's see what he has to say". Lo and behold, we hit it off quite nicely this last week, and ended up having a date yesterday. It went well. It didn't leave me with the striking intense feeling I had described earlier with Mr X, but left me with, but I was left with a different unique feeling with Mr Y. Where Mr X had me feel that intense desire, Mr Y gave me that feeling where you feel like you have known someone for years, even though you had just met. There was a comfort and rapport between Mr Y and myself that just felt so familiar and warm and inviting, even though it was our first time ever meeting. The sexual attraction is definitely there, and we spent most of our time laughing over various things. The date lasted around 27 hours (he spent the night, no we didn't have sex, though that feels inevitable). We just didn't want to leave each other's presence. This was also something that I had rarely felt with anyone else. Mr Y even invited me to join him on a short weekend trip next weekend to go visit a friend of his in a nearby town for his birthday. No man (and yes this includes serious boyfriends, but not regular friends) has ever expressed interest to go on a weekend trip with me (even through I love to travel), and it's something I had dreamed of doing with a romantic interest for ages. Part of the frustration with my last serious relationship which ended late last year was that my ex would never ever want to go on weekend trips with me. But, if his friends ever invited him, he would go in a heartbeat, and that really stung. Now, what does this have to do with my LOB practice or my SP, Mr X? Well, remember in my training and techniques section, I stated how I prepared a list of 12 traits that I specifically looked for in a significant othelife partner? Well, that list was based off of my core ideals for a partner, but simultaneously modeled or inspired after Mr X, whom I believed to possess all those traits. It just so happens to be that willingness to travel and go on adventures/share in new experiences together is a key point on that list. As I've been getting to know Mr Y, I have noticed that he is starting to check off quite a few boxes on my list. He hasn't checked off every box, as I am still getting to know him more closely and our conversations about dating ideals, etc. have not really taken place to the degree that they already had with Mr X, but so far, Mr Y seems to be heading towards meeting all the points on the list. It's not guaranteed yet, but that's the impression I'm getting now. I'm now conflicted as to how to proceed. Currently, my plan is to stay the course and continue with my training as is. At the same time, I'm going to go with the flow, so to speak, and keep on hanging out with Mr Y and enjoy the time I'm spending with him. If Mr X reaches out, I'll entertain that too, but at some point I will have to stick with one man as things progress. My only hope is that it's clear who is who. In my LOB practice, I tailored everything (esp. the scenes and PSP) towards the SP Mr X, but what if Mr Y is an equal substitute for Mr X and IS the universe's answer to my LOB practice? If I end up with an outcome I'm equally pleased with (namely the scene(s) I imagined), but is not the exact outcome I set out for (same scene fulfilled but with Mr Y instead of Mr X), what does that mean, if anything? Or is it better to stay the course and continue to focus my mental training on Mr X like had been from the very beginning? Or do I step it back and change course to either a more generalized "SP who meets my list" or tailor towards "Mr Y"? Maybe these are all rhetorical questions and that it helps for me to just write them here to lay them out, but feel free to share your thoughts if you have any. The thing that makes this tricky is that I am honestly fine with either outcome at this point. But part of me still wants to continue to focus on Mr X, despite having arrived at that "wish fulfilled" feeling already, just because it's the more complicated circumstance and part of me wants to experience the "magic" of the LOB and see what the universe ends up doing to make that become a reality. Almost like wanting to see how a director decides to adapt a popular fiction into a cinematic masterpiece; what creative choices they make. This is the only doubt that has thrown me off on my current mission: not the doubt of whether or not my desire would come to pass (unbelief) but the doubt of what I definitively consider to be the culmination of this mission. Food for thought. Hopefully the events of the next several weeks will yield some clarity on this. In any case, however, I am enjoying this journey and mission very much so far, and I look forward to the rest of this hunt with excitement and eagerness. Happy hunting!
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2022.01.24 03:34 sefulrapha Broccoli bad

Broccoli bad submitted by sefulrapha to memes [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:34 AbbreviationsIll6192 Anon wished he stayed in the dream

Anon wished he stayed in the dream submitted by AbbreviationsIll6192 to greentext [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:34 VGKAMI The most complete FF7 walkthrough?

So obviously Absolute Steve’s FF7 walkthrough is held in high regard, but did it miss anything? And is there a walkthrough out there that’s bettemore complete than Absolute Steve’s?
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2022.01.24 03:34 ComplexAttention9692 My wife is sleeping with someone else while i work nights.

So i work nights. About a year ago i came home to find a guy in bed with my wife. I litterally picked him up and got him out of there. It hurt me deeply but i love my wife and was willing to try and make it work. Ive recently found out that shes continued sleeping with him and is unwilling to change because "he provided a closeness" that she feels she needs. Weve talked about it. Then argued about it. I have moved into my oldest son's room since hes only here on weekends. I sleep on the couch when hes here. Im at my wits end. I dont know what to do. How do i convince my wife to stop sleeping with our toddler?
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2022.01.24 03:34 agoss123b Intex excursion 5 -- rivers?

Hey yall, I'm planning a little fishing trip to northernmost Michigan with some pals this summer. I plan on buying a little intex excursion 5 inflatable boat and a 40lb minn Kota. I'm sure it'll be fine for lakes, but I'm unsure about the rivers. Mainly Manistee River. Will a 40lb motor have enough power to push this raft upstream? Obviously we will have paddles as a backup, but it'd be good to know. Does anyone have experience with this type of thing?
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2022.01.24 03:34 JonSatriani Sag A* > Bubble | 26 Jan 08:00 in-game time from Sagittarius A*

Carrier: /CIFC/ A. SENMONTHIS (H8T-T0N). CMDR Cortez Investments
Services: Refuel, Repair, Rearm, Universal Cartographics
Via Great Annihilator for Azura Initiative, and Guardian’s Hope
See Fleet Carrier Owners Club channel #cifc-a-senmonthis_cortez-investments
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2022.01.24 03:34 Browniesbee I finally reversed my NAFLD!

I just got my Fibroscan and Ultrasound Imaging back and they all say im no longer have Fatty Liver. ALT/AST is a bit elevated (42.2 and 40.8 respectively) but doc said it might be due to my gym activity.
I never hear about this disease until I do a general check up 3 months ago (I've been avoiding health check up for years with tons of excuses). My doctor didn't give much advice except telling me that I have Stage 3 Fatty Liver Diseases and it could be very harmful in the future, that I gotta change my diet.
I didn't know much what to do until I've came across this subreddit: Reading stories every single thread makes me decide to change my lifestyle and diet in every aspect. I began Intermittent Fasting (16:8 or OMAD on some days), following Mediterranean Diet strictly for the first month, cutting out all sugar and all fat (except extra virgin olive oil and avocado for salad). I also began learning how to jog and taking swimming lesson. After 1 month, I lost 12lbs with much more energy. I decided to invest more time in running (5 days of running a week with gradual increased mileage) since it helps with my mental health a lot. I also try including weight lifting in the third month and eating more healthy carb and focused on consuming more lean protein to increase my muscle mass. In 3 months, I went from 171lbs to 136 lbs (obese to normal range according to my height BMI). My cholesterol/triglyceride also went down from borderly high to lower range. All other digestion problems seem disappear (high blood pressure, acid reflux, indigestion...) and the most important thing is that I could do things I never thought I could able to (eg run a half marathon distance). I also take some supplements (though not regularly since I frequently forgot taking meds) like TUDCA, Milk Thistle, Fish Oil and multivitamin.
Honestly, this result is overwhelming since I heard it might take at least half a year to reverse it from 3rd stage like mine. And I do really appreciate all the discussions from this subreddit that guided me through this experience. I feel like the diagnosis becomes a wake-up call for me to change my body from inside out and makes me more appreciate my physical health. It is such a relief and I do really want to share my experience to everyone here to prove that liver is such a resilience organ as long as you are willing to change your diet and lifestyle.
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2022.01.24 03:34 Charl0tte_Webb_09 Smiling because I’m super happy! It’s difficult finding a revealing top lol!

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2022.01.24 03:34 Brilliant_Staff185 I love you.

i miss you more than anything i bettered myself for the love of us and now its gone i hate the change and i hate not having you like i once did you're my best friend but also someone i loved dearly what did i do for this to go wrong why did you fall out of love i cant bring myself to be strong and drop it because you were the one i cry every night like a child thinking of you and looking back at memories i keep looking back at all our pictures and i cant handle it. we were so happy. what happened i love you.
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2022.01.24 03:34 CrazyPhilHost1898 How can these selected combo powers work (with their "given" Peach Creek Kids)?

(Based from this old post of mine.)
So, here's something I've been thinking of after I "gave" each of the Peach Creek Kids `their superpowers: What if they collaborate with each other using those same given powers of theirs?
Here they are, specifically:

Here's a special one (because we can't leave the remaining others left off):
You can make up other superpower combos with them besides what's here, too, if you like.
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2022.01.24 03:34 myveryownredditaccnt Hard to become a fashion designer

I’ve heard being a fashion designer is - a risky careelow-paying for most - not that creative for most - extremely competitive - requires business skills
I have no fashion experience or education and am thinking of taking a fashion course, but I am discouraged by the above.
Is there a way I can make it a hobby on the side while holding a different job? How would one go about doing this? E.g. designing clothes to wear for yourself? Starting a small online business?
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2022.01.24 03:34 Sunch3r How Doable is Phantasm Solo with Blaanid Gear?

Hello, returning player here. My human character's 19k total with 11k AP just lying around from all the on and off master plans I come back to. I just recently completed the 3rd Memoir for Blaanid and got some of her weapons from some of the talents that I've already maxed at ranking for the 4th memoir. I'm thinking that during and after the master plan event, I'll try to finish ranking up Fighter, Ninja, Gunslinger, and Puppetry to complete the 4th one, and then doing the new life skills like fynn and glyphwrighting, but I'm sidetracking here.
When I finish ranking up those previous skills and get my base average damage range to like 600-1.2k, can I solo Phantasm using primarily the blaanid weapons?
I also plan on trying to max up techniques and other stuff like my standard gear (Full languhiris, r5 CRK's, r6 fully enchanted fanatic greatsword, r6 tribolt wand and druid staff, pets I primarily used are a max leveled corgi, two skeletal dragons, some cloud pets i have here and there, and that one super fast thundercat from a while back that I cant remember the name of (I named them Pupperoni because that's all that mattered to me, despite them being feline and not canine)).
I'm just wondering how feasible it is to do that dungeon solo without having to resort to reforges and stuff.
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2022.01.24 03:34 Dha_sheep Baki Hanma (Prison Arc) Vs. Fei Wangfang. Who you got?

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2022.01.24 03:34 MattGLocke Has anyone else experienced random bouts of crying after receiving the vaccine ?

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2022.01.24 03:34 Cvalie Need some legit sd!!

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2022.01.24 03:34 Blofish1 Give Dan credit

He said the football gods owed us after last week's craptastic games and boy did they deliver.
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