ryary rzkds dh4k7 a4742 d3d23 dd8ha 52y6d eh3sn fz289 t93n3 ntrte dzhb7 i7y73 2a9kt kte9s dts58 ffr23 z4i66 fe34a rnbn4 y4i33 Does anyone know what’s inappropriate about “W: good nuka cola and canned meat stew deals H: caps” |

Does anyone know what’s inappropriate about “W: good nuka cola and canned meat stew deals H: caps”

2022.01.24 04:43 Personal-Metal Does anyone know what’s inappropriate about “W: good nuka cola and canned meat stew deals H: caps”

I’m trying to make a group post, but it keeps telling me to make it clean. Is Microsoft protecting kids from the word “nuka” or something?
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2022.01.24 04:43 ghjklmnv What do you think the gender demographics of this sub are?

I’m just curious do you think they’re about even? Or lopsided in a given direction? Is there a primary demographic on here(aside from lonely people)? I’m just wondering.
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2022.01.24 04:43 bruheverynametaken What disorder/medical condition can be a benefit or an upgrade to the bodily functions?

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2022.01.24 04:43 FantaDreamS I don’t know if this is consider a joke

But Every time I’ve my laptop on my lap and using the touch pad I feel like female rubbing her clit.
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2022.01.24 04:43 RRima2 #ico

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2022.01.24 04:43 Knoxx899 I am receiving e-mails from various car dealerships in New-Zealand, is this some type of scam?

Over the past 7 days I have received 3 or 4 different emails from different car dealerships in New-Zealand. I live on an entirely different continent and have never enquired about anything from New-Zealand. All of the e-mails basically say the same thing. Two examples below:
"Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the Caddy van.
Please call , txt or email me when you have a chance to discuss the vehicle and stock."
Another example:
"Hope all is well,
Just wanted to reach out to you regarding your enquiry on the Amarok.
I have tried to call however was unsuccessful. Was there a good time to chat ?
Did you want to come in and have a look ?
Please get back to me so I can assist you further.
Warm Regards"
These all look like pretty legit companies, although I haven't clicked any website links or responded to any of them.
My email address format is namesurname@gmail.com but all of the mails are sent to name.surname@gmail.com. Google says that if I own the address in the first format, then I automatically own all versions of that address, which kind of makes sense. But why would I suddenly be receiving these e-mails all of a sudden? Is this some type of scam? Are the dealerships themselves being scammed? Hopefully somebody could shed some light on this.
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2022.01.24 04:43 StarshipProto Eleven - When Did I Pass Go? [Song featuring Jordan Blake of Recently Reformed A Skylit Drive Released in 2018]

Eleven - When Did I Pass Go? [Song featuring Jordan Blake of Recently Reformed A Skylit Drive Released in 2018] submitted by StarshipProto to PostHardcore [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 04:43 MotivatingTree A lot of murders must have spiked when Thanos snapped, because there’d be no way for authorities to know what was a snap or what was the murder.

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2022.01.24 04:42 Nowey21 I3 10100f GTX 1050ti High sierra

Hi everyone, does anyone know if I can install High sierra on a 10 generation processor somehow? I would not like to change graphics card to be able to run big sur
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2022.01.24 04:42 Dylanfyfe11 Scope recommendations for my Stoeger X5?

Looking to buy a scope for my Stoeger X5 because my previous scope(just a cheap and dodgy scope) stopped working and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations.
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2022.01.24 04:42 Spinjitzu-Master Had somebody tell me it sounded "lonely" to be aro.

Was sat there explaining it cause my ex was in front of them, and I was more than happy to answer questions because literally nobody knows what aromantic means. She then tells me she's practically a queer girl at this point. Few minutes later and she says "It just sounds so lonely, cause you'll be alone forever". Hun no. Tried explaining but she just dissmissed it. I'm not too surprised though because she also told my ex it's disgusting to date women.
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2022.01.24 04:42 spacemike218 So how do settlements work for the daemon factions?

I haven't had time to watch any of the youtuber's streams of their playthroughs yet but curious how khorne and the rest of the daemons work. Are they like Norsca where they can only settle in the chaos wastes or can they capture any settlement anywhere like regular empires?
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2022.01.24 04:42 SimplyGameplayOnly Resident Evil Village - Xbox One - Part 1

Resident Evil Village - Xbox One - Part 1 submitted by SimplyGameplayOnly to Youtubeviews [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 04:42 chicken-master200 William Afton has a unknown grandson

I think William Afton has a so far unknown grandson living in Savannah Georgia named Keith who’s a good buddy with Ellis from left for dead 2. I mean the man’s immortal he must get it from somewhere and I think it’s from William
What do y’all think
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2022.01.24 04:42 bou707 Is it legal for online car dealers to add on additional service fee once the car has already shipped?

Hello, I have started the process of buying a car from one of the online car dealers (shift). The car is out of state, so I have already paid for the deposit and shipping (car is on the way). The original price breakdown included the price of the car, sales tax, registration, shipping, and the service fee for this car was set to $0.
However, I checked today and it seems that they have increased the service fee to ~$1,500. Is it legal to make a change of the car price this late? and if it's not, what can we do? Ideally, I would want the fee back to $0 and continue with the car purchase since we sold our previous car to buy this one.
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2022.01.24 04:42 True_Sock_2911 Does anyone else experience hangovers sometimes but not others?

I don't drink excessively very often, but when I do it's a complete tossup whether or not I'll get a hangover. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm well hydrated, had enough to eat, or even the quality of my sleep. I've had pretty gnarly hangovers after a single beer over a large dinner, but have also woken up feeling like a million bucks after a late night of 5 or 6 drinks with friends. Any thoughts on this?
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2022.01.24 04:42 Alternative-Poem2980 MM

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2022.01.24 04:42 Ok-Confidence-4573 That boy ain't right

That boy ain't right submitted by Ok-Confidence-4573 to HolUp [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 04:42 theSpeciamOne I think this is the most accurate statement about bf2042

I think this is the most accurate statement about bf2042 submitted by theSpeciamOne to battlefield2042 [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 04:42 itrustpeople Un nou pod va fi construit peste râul Prut, la Ungheni. Costul și termenul de executare al lucrărilor

Un nou pod va fi construit peste râul Prut, la Ungheni. Costul și termenul de executare al lucrărilor submitted by itrustpeople to moldova [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 04:42 blin2011a Toshiba Libretto 20 30 Japan Import 12MB RAM Upgrade

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2022.01.24 04:42 ComprehensiveSmell40 How to solve questions?

Whenever you see a question(let's say in physics) , how do you know which formula to apply , which concept to use , etc .
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2022.01.24 04:42 Zanixo I know y'all saying ducky, but kim and sarah's resemblance is uncanny

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