What’s Your Nickname? My names Reece, you can only imagine what I have to go through.

2022.01.24 03:57 TrixStixYT What’s Your Nickname? My names Reece, you can only imagine what I have to go through.

Reese’s Cup Reese’s Pieces Reecey Pie Rice-only Arabic people call me this no offense. Greece-lil kids
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2022.01.24 03:57 Ka_squit_ Just let me enjoy my god damn chocolate

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2022.01.24 03:57 JelloGenie Getting ready to set up, got a few more questions.

I posted a light here a while back and after the responses, I realized I needed to do more research so I did.
Will link the set up I'm planning on in the comments, any thoughts about that will be appreciated too, otherwise, I've got some questions.

  1. Does dimming your light = it's safer for a plant to be closer to it while getting the same energy that it should be getting because it's closer?
  2. How can I control the temp in a hot room if Air conditioning isn't an option? Would blowing a normal fan towards the intake vent of my grow tent = a lower internal temp? I will also have a fan blowing out.
  3. If I can't get any soil mixes with the recommended ingredients for growing cannabis due to my location, can I get regular high quality potting soil and certain ingredients such as bat dung, bone meal etc, and mix it myself?
  4. When guides say "make sure the water can drain freely out the bottom" it means into a typical pot tray right? And any excess water should be left there I'm assuming unless I fuck up and put a ridiculous amount in?
  5. Inbetween germination (in soil) and repotting to final home, would you add any nutrients into the soil?
  6. If I was to use a Microscope to look at trichomes, should I scrape/break some off and put it on a slide?
I think that's all, for now :D Really appreciate anyone who takes their time to read and lend a helping hand.
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2022.01.24 03:57 KindOfAnnoying854 Jeff Bezos??

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2022.01.24 03:57 omegacluster Drag Me Out - Demons Away (metalcore) [2022]

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2022.01.24 03:57 TREDOTCOM Career Change

I’ve been at this 20 years. I’m great at it. Get awards. Great pay. I hate it. I’m tired. It should have been a hobby.
Is it weird that I want to leave tech because I think doing so will allow me to love it again? I want to tinker. I want to learn without deadlines. I want to integrate tech for fun. For myself. For me.
I just don’t want a career that bleeds into my personal time anymore.
Maybe I should join an educational non-profit or teach computer science or something.
Anyone made a drastic shift in industries? At this point I don’t even care about the money anymore. I’ve had the cars. I’ve got the house. Friends and family are great. My passion for tech is gone.
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2022.01.24 03:57 KokoTerzata So basically do not start HTML AI.

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2022.01.24 03:57 Freesmiles54 r/GME Megathread for January 24, 2022

GameStop Investor Mega

Due to the new influx of Shills (Big Time) and Combative Avatars our mods reserve the right to request proof of position from members at our sole discretion should we have reason to question whether you are GameStop investor. Refusal to provide proof of position upon request may result in a permanent or temporary ban from participation in the sub. We have no Tolerance for Brigading and Posts referencing other stocks.
This is strictly a GME, GameStop sub.
** Why GameStop **
Step by Step to DRS International Phone #
AMA Paul Conn - Computershare
AMA Paul Conn - Computershare Raises Limits
Book vs Plan

For other subs with a focus on GME visit:
Familiarize yourself with the rules. No self-promotion or discussion of other stonks. Thank you.

💎 Previous Mega Threads 💎 F.A.Q. 💎 DD (DUE DILIGENCE) Compilation 💎
GME Megathreads are posted daily at 1:00 a.m. EST
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2022.01.24 03:57 AttackingCrane Whats going on with this wow wow wubzy community

This is sort of a goofy post but some friends and I stumbled across this this really weird wow wow wubzy youtube channel with weird videos and comments while talking about the show. The comments make no sense as well as the videos on the channel and they seem too strange and formulaic to be memes. The comments talk about random gibberish and often make up stories from characters in other shows. Especially these two videos. So we're just wondering if these are really young kids, a system of bots to farm views, or some sort of secret message? Any time wasted on this is much appreciated.
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2022.01.24 03:57 BasicCan999 Am I a monster?

TW: sexual assault Okay so I would like to state that I was 12 when this happened when I was young I definitely learned about sex at too young of an age 4 or 5 I was also sexually assaulted when I was young I'm not trying to make any excuses for myself so I guess I should just tell you what I actually attempted to do so when I was 12 I attempted a plan to sexually assault my cousin thankfully it never got that far I never want to do that now but idk what I was thinking even though now I don't think that way sometimes I think I should just end my self so am I a monster?
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2022.01.24 03:57 Automatic-Lack-9809 Baimlees

Baimlees melhor cheat que eu ja vi
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2022.01.24 03:57 LockedOutLegacyMeme discord_irl

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2022.01.24 03:57 kixiron Rappler Act One presents: 'Confession'

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2022.01.24 03:57 Fun_Type_21 Was flirted with and ghosted by a guy here on Reddit... How to get over him?

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2022.01.24 03:57 Ok_Grab7744 Lost wmemo

I lost my wmemo this evening while trying to bridge it to the FTM so I could stake it on Popsicle. Can someone help me to recover it?
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2022.01.24 03:57 buffulutu New Clean Homescreen on my 13 Mini

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2022.01.24 03:57 Legitimate-Pin-3274 Just requested my badge

It's a long and uncertain road ahead but the times come and I know what I need to do.
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2022.01.24 03:57 Superteletubbies64 [H] Humble Indie Houses Bundle, Choice January and Fanatical Deckbuilder leftovers and more [W] PayPal (preferably), Wishlisted games, Offers, Ministry of Broadcast, Sunblaze (Fanatical Slayer Bundle) Retro Machina, Lumines Remastered (maybe), The Vagrant, One Dog Story, Besiege, The Witness

Hoping for good offers for games from the Humble Indie Houses bundle, not all of them because I wanted some of the games myself, if I don’t get good offers I will refund the bundle and buy the games I want individually from others instead.
PayPal highly preferred but I’m really looking for Ministry of Broadcast and Sunblaze from the Fanatical Slayer Bundle 4, if you don’t live in EU you may buy these instead of dealing with PayPal fees (Fanarical stuff is more expensive in EU) Or The Vagrant from the New Year bundle.
I might trade for Retro Machina and Lumines Remastered from Brain Tickler bundle but I’m really not sure if I’ll enjoy these
Feel free to make an offer that you think is fair and I will reply to you. I will prioritize offers in this order: PayPal, then wishlisted games, then any other games (unless you have “rare” games, with rare I mean stuff I rarely or never see in other people’s trade lists so definitely not most of Humble Choice games) (although I only accept trades for games I’m interested in) For PayPal, EU is preferred, if you live in another region you’ll have to pay fees. I do not have prices in mind, you can name your own. Please do not PM me or send a chat invite before having commented on my post. Also don’t expect me to reply to your offer immediately. More info below my list of games. Also keep in mind that you should check the latest/most recent thread I posted before making offers because it’s possible that a game you might want may be traded/sold already.
I’d also like to get The Vagrant from the Fanatical New Year bundle so if anyone has it or going to buy the bundle you could trade it with me. If you don’t live in EU buying it for me is also an option if you don’t want to deal with Paypal fees.

Humble The Indie Houses bundle:
Super Mutant Alien Assault
Desert Child
Hiveswap Friendsim
We should talk.
Western Press
Humble Choice January:
Rebel Cops
Farmer’s Dynasty
Fanatical Deckbuilder Bundle:
Monster Slayers (might keep)
System Crash
A Long Way Down
Heroes of Normandie
Older Humble Choice and bundles:
Möbius Front '83
Puzzle Chronicles
I’d like to sell these for PayPal or trade for wishlisted games or other stuff that might interest me, just make an offer. I particular I like most indie games, especially platformers and RPGs and games you can progress in without wasting too much time. I usually don’t play roguelikes (anymore), FPS, horror games, visual novels and dating sims. In particular old Humble Monthly/Choice games or bundled games that fit my interests would be nice. Just make an offer and I will let you know what I think. If you wanna buy with PayPal, I do not have any prices in mind for these. Again, just make an offer. If you don’t live in EU fees are on you. Honestly I prefer Paypal tho so I will prioritize PayPal offers.
I usually don't ask for prices, you can make your own offer and if it's good enough for me I'll take it. Prices should generally be around keyshop prices or less, no point in buying from here if it's cheaper in a keyshop anyway. Also being on my wishlist doesn't necessarily mean I'm really eager to play the game, if I don't really want it that badly and it's not really cheap I might decline an offer.
My wishlist (gets updated occasionally): https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561198439056728/#sort=order
IGSRep (not up to date): https://old.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/p7k848/superteletubbies64s_igs_rep_page/
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2022.01.24 03:57 _Wiggy Looking for Opinions: I'm looking into running a Grim Hollow game, but time is tight. Would people be willing to Pay to Play?

Hi all,
I've been itching to properly use the Grim Hollow source material in an actual game, but sadly my friends are more interested in the usual Forgotten Realms setting. I was looking around for options to play online, and I've started to see options for both paid D&D events like the upcoming Kobold Chronicles from Kobold Press as well as hire a DM sites like startplaying.games. I wanted to get a feeling for what people think about these types of gaming arrangements, because I'm of two minds about them.
On one hand, they make sense. Game Masters put in work to make the game run, and with only so much time in a week it can be especially hard for a Game Master to put in the time commitment. With money to help support the Game Master's time more time and effort can go into the prep work and running of the game.
On the other hand, I like making friends in games and putting money in the relationship would strain it. Its a hobby first, and with that mentality unbalancing the relationship feels uncomfortable.
All that being said, what do you think about this idea? Would you pay for a dedicated time weekly? Biweekly? Monthly? I'm interested in running a game set in Etharis, but the time commitment would be easier to balance with a small amount of money to supplement the game and the costs of living in this capitalist society. What would you be willing to pay to play a game, or would you be willing to pay at all?
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2022.01.24 03:57 TheJediJew If there was a proven weight loss substance then it would have been put in all junk food already.

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2022.01.24 03:57 lestrenched Can I plug unbalanced output into balanced input?

I was considering the Schiit Magni Heresy, which does not have balanced outputs. For my speaker amplifier, I'm looking at the Topping PA3s, which does have a balanced input. Unfortunately, the RCA inputs on the Topping will be used with my Phono amplifier, leaving the balanced inputs available. Will plugging in unbalanced output from the Magni into the balanced input of the PA3s hurt/fry it? I don't want to damage anything haha.
Thanks a lot! Sorry for the noob question, but I'm very new to this :)
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2022.01.24 03:57 mizu-no-oto Do dogs know how to be gentle with babies?

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2022.01.24 03:57 Feta_Cheese_ I'm convinced Hinge is fraudulent

Hinge, fix your fucking algorithm, it's causing more harm than good.
Plain and simple: If you make a new profile, and someone unattractive likes you first, you will be put into the bottom tier automatically and be shown a very unattractive discovery queue for the rest of your time on this app, unless you make a new profile. It's essentially First-come-first serve.
I've done this numerous times and it never fails: Make a new profile on hinge, You will see a lot of attractive people. Wait for the morbidly obese person to like your profile. Then watch your discovery queue. Good luck recovering from that, even setting the distance to 1 mile and working up doesn't yield good results in big cities.
On Tinder and Bumble, I am matching with very attractive women. On hinge, I am only shown morbidly obese women, or women who otherwise need some sort of immediate medical attention.
I approached Hinge's customer support about their algorithm. As always, I was fed with a bs corporate wankery apology akin to 'sorry, we dont always get it right." Customer support claims that the algorithm works by showing you matches that are similar to who you like. This is a blatant lie. I've had conversations with attractive women on Hinge prior to getting discovery-bombed.
We all know that dating profiles are essentially fronts for data mining. Obviously the more profiles people make, the more data can be gathered from you, and hinge definitely participates in selling data. By using this algorithm, Hinge is essentially lying to their customer base, so that they can keep making new and new profiles until someone attractive likes them. What a fucking joke, Hinge team you should be ashamed of yourself for using morbidly obese women to make a profit from data mining.
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2022.01.24 03:57 xponentialdesign □ 10 □ NEON | by Xponentialdesign

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2022.01.24 03:57 mossymossmoss- Let’s help Fedora win the final bracket!

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