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The Heiresses Smile by fluffyflan - A collection of one shots focusing on the Northwest Heiress (dipcifica)

2022.01.24 03:22 Aggressive_Donkey- The Heiresses Smile by fluffyflan - A collection of one shots focusing on the Northwest Heiress (dipcifica)

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2022.01.24 03:22 7Heavens333 I redrew the Gothkasa frame so we can have it in HD

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2022.01.24 03:22 sunflower_kate 280k for adopt me pets!

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2022.01.24 03:22 starletst Are u interested in a big tw!tter account? 40.6k followers I’m s3lling

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2022.01.24 03:22 -b0ngwater- life update:

it got better
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2022.01.24 03:22 bandit-on-drugs No words needed

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2022.01.24 03:22 system_observer Q̝ͪ͆ư̢̥ĭ͉͋z̵͗ͅ: B͇̽͜ą̍̈s̛͍̎ě̢̼d̟̘͑ O̞ͬͥn͉͌͢ T̤͛͜h́ͧ͝i̴̻͘ş̷ͫ P͈̩ͧr̴̡̿ò̵̹f̙͍͞i̬͐ͧl͚̀̄ȩ̥̭, W̠͖̄h̪̊a̪͑͞t̷͎͂ D̫̄͝ǒ̺ͧ Y͇͚̹o̭̓͞u̡͇̪ A͉ͥͮc̰̾͞t̲͑ͮu̬͢͞a̝͛͂l̽́̚lͨ͂͠yͨ́͜ S̪͆͂w̶ͫ͠i̘̙̐p̷̻͛e͎̬͟ R͉̮͠i͌͒͝g͔̓̀h̲̏t̝̉ͅ Õ̷͢n͐͡͠ Ě̵͚v̾̊ͅe̷͇̓r̡̾͡ý̖̻ G̢̖i̷͚ͯr̤̹̬l͂̕?

I was gonna tell him it was the best plan. So I asked her out as soon as it would be nice to start over. And I'm trying to come up with the sticker and most just say something in their profile.
There is way too long. I super liked some guy by mistake when I tell people of my degree/plans I typically get a very negative response.
What I came up where it didn't say anything about constant speed or not, and the high heat exposure broke apart the phenol and formaldehyde bonds. Online dating gives me a salary for less than other companies offered me an offer instead of asking me questions.
More info on the contradictory logic -00? However, when I tell people of my most memorable first dates.
So it would be lighter? They offered me the job.
I won't post dick pics, but I have none of those. I just realized my local library lets me access a ton of the time being and summarizes them into 5 sentences using latent semantic analysis also.
Problem: I was researching inertia. It doesn't bother me too much because I have recently graduated with a girl since before the pandemic.
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2022.01.24 03:22 Dadumda0 continuum decrypted

So I paid for continuum, and it runs like shit and looks like ass. I have a 6700-xt in my rig and a 3070 in my laptop and I get maybe 40 fps for dogshit graphics. Took some time to dump the decrypted 1.16.5 shaders. They don't work that well, but Im sure someone who is experienced in messing with shaders can get it working. Also includes the older version of continuum for good measure. Don't normally leak or crack things, but I felt truely scammed paying 10 a month for it. BTW if it doesn't work and you have tried messing with the shader files, it might just been down to its proprietary loader "focal engine". I won't be releasing the bypass for the login. You can do it if you can edit java bytecode https://anonfiles.com/T0mfn1Dexa/Continuum_Leak_shit_zip https://file.io/cETwAglIHAQF https://u.teknik.io/utuln.zip https://send.vis.ee/download/0e2c0958e3dc6445/#lBpws062CULhuXKNo5pZ1w
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2022.01.24 03:22 WatercressNervous578 Villanova business program

I was recently accepted into the business schools Villanova university through ea and was wondering if the program was good enough to be spending 70k? Or if I should just go to a cheaper state school to pursue a business related major.
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2022.01.24 03:22 exmospy19 Suggestions?

Long post warning. Just wondering if this sounds okay. I’ve put a lot of thought into it. I care about the people I’ll be sharing it with so my intent is to be firm in my decision while also letting them know they are still important in my life. If you think I should add/change anything please let me know.
Here it is:
This will be a long, emotional, and possibly shocking post to read for many of my friends and family. I hope that by reading it you will find comfort in the fact that I love you. I am your friend, daughter, sister, cousin, grandchild, and nothing will ever change that despite your feelings or grievances towards me after reading this. I know this is sudden, it may be hurtful to some, and some of you may try to blame yourself. I can promise you that none of this is your fault.
I have made these choices through my own self-discovery. I have spent about 5 years fighting with myself, my beliefs, and the teachings of most of the people in my life to come to this conclusion. The conclusion is that I have decided to leave the Mormon church. I don’t wish to discuss my reasons, but if you would like to privately ask me questions I will answer what I can. I only ask that if you truly claim to love God and love your neighbors as much as you say, you will understand that this is the best choice for me. It may not be what you expected, or what you want from me, but this is my life and no one else has control over my choices.
I appreciate your love and your friendship. I also appreciate that you don’t take this moment to share any testimonies, as I do not share many of the same beliefs. I ask that you can respect my wishes; please do not invite me back or invite me to pray, as I will decline. I know many of you will want to pray for me or fast for me, and you are welcome to do so because it is your religion, but please know that it does not hold the same value to me as your friendship does. Please know that this is not easy. 5 years ago I never would have imagined that I would be writing this, let alone sharing it with others. But I need this closure. Thank you for reading. I love you very much and I am so grateful for you all.
Some of you may be wondering what I believe now. I won’t share everything but these are some of my beliefs. I do not believe in a god. I do not believe in spokesmen for said god. I believe in constant improvement and lifting myself up by exploring my mind and my hobbies. I believe in a love for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social class, race, ethnicity, family, disability, political beliefs, spiritual beliefs and anything else that sets us apart as humans. I believe in challenging myself to see good in everyone. I believe in families of all shapes and sizes and that love is the most powerful force in the universe. I believe that people are good and that everyone is just doing what they can to survive and make themselves happy. I believe that friendships change as people grow, but true friends value each other and trust each other. I believe in myself. I trust my own decisions, I love my body and embrace my flaws. I believe I am ever-changing, ever growing, and I love myself more than ever.
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2022.01.24 03:22 techraven1990 Questions on the behavior of Bitwarden TouchID on MacOS 12.1

I'm trying out Bitwarden as an alternative to 1Password, given that I can't really argue with the excellent price point and I enjoy supporting FOSS when I can.
Earlier today, when I was enabling TouchID on the desktop app, I noticed that I could click "Use Password..." on the TouchID prompt, and use my computer's admin password rather than the Bitwarden master password.
Now, obviously this is the default behavior of the TouchID prompt in MacOS, but I was curious if this is really the preferred behavior of a password manager? I know that 1Password certainly doesn't have this, nor do I think that Dashlane have this when I tried it a few years ago.
Looking into the code a bit, it looks like this is the default behavior of the Electron SystemPreferences promptTouchId method, but given the use case, I would consider this as a bug (Github issue: https://github.com/bitwarden/desktop/issues/1260).
Also, to my knowledge, the master password is the encryption key to the password vault, so does that mean that locking the vault leaves the data unencrypted, and the only time that the data is encrypted when the app is completely shut down?
Note that I'm not trying to spread doubt on the product, but just asking questions. I am also curious what others thought about this behavior.
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2022.01.24 03:22 lendaward Wow super wow en vivo

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2022.01.24 03:22 Available_Money_5539 One more time

Does anyone have the lyrics to one more time by juice? I can’t find it on google and I can’t make out what he says at the end. “You look for answers…” I can’t figure out what comes after that
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2022.01.24 03:22 Koichiology Sketchbook’s default pencil is so good, i wanna eat it 😩

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2022.01.24 03:22 robertpaden Please tribute her and DM the pics

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2022.01.24 03:22 Soggy_Mission4418 Is this a sun/age spot (above my eyebrow)? I’m only 19 what the hell is this?? I’ve had it for years n I assumed it was just an acne scar but this spot never went away. I feel like a old lady with it what do I do

Is this a sun/age spot (above my eyebrow)? I’m only 19 what the hell is this?? I’ve had it for years n I assumed it was just an acne scar but this spot never went away. I feel like a old lady with it what do I do submitted by Soggy_Mission4418 to DermatologyQuestions [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:22 curlyreds123 Need help finding this cute dress!

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2022.01.24 03:22 starrkeyy irl romance averse

i don't know if it's just me but im fine with fictional romances, like ships in fandoms, but when any of my friends flirt with their partners, my skin starts to crawl and i feel disgusting...i just want to know if anybody else feels like this because it's been bothering me for a while...
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2022.01.24 03:22 OkBuyer1271 Has someone ever grabbed your dick or ass without asking first? How did you feel about it?

View Poll
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2022.01.24 03:22 Reynboww 24 | ACDT | PC - Looking for chill friends :)

Hi, looking for a long term friend or two to play some mp/co-op games with! mainly been playing halo infinite but down to play pretty much any games. wouldn't mind getting into apex or back playing cod. also love chill games like minecraft and stardew valley! recently got into vr so down to play that too! dm for discord :)
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2022.01.24 03:22 A-A-Ron2403 Never before seen promos that you wish were in madden

I thought it would be fun to bring up the idea of new promos in madden that you would like to see in the game. The idea that I have for this is “could have been great” players. This could allow for both fan favorite cards, like RG3, Tim Tebow, Bo Jackson etc. or huge draft busts that otherwise would have no way of getting a card in madden like Jamarcus Russell or kelvin Benjamin. Let me know what y’all think about this and what other promos y’all want in the game.
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2022.01.24 03:22 DrewFrostStorm Happy Birthday Gonta!

(Disclaimer: This is a short story inspired by other short stories I’ve seen here, that I wrote for Gontas birthday that involves Gonta, Angie, Himiko, and my Ultimate Ballerina OC, Kioka! I know this is very late probably, but in honor of best gentleman’s birthday...Let me have my moment to appreciate best V3 boi. I also know it isn’t perfect but I hope you enjoy!)
[Gonta is sitting out in the courtyard admiring the many bugs flying around him, smiling and remembering all the happiness of his birthday. All the friends who arrived, all the cake that was shared. As Gonta was enjoying his time, he heard a soft voice of a good friend of his. Kioka]
Kioka: Gonta!
Gonta: Oh! Kioka, Gonta surprised to see you! Why up so late?
Kioka: Oh, I’m sorry! How was the party today by the way? I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it!
Gonta: It’s ok! Gonta just very happy you’re here now, Kioka! Gonta had very nice birthday!
Kioka: Yay! That’s great to hear, Gonta! I couldn’t make it though, because..Well, I have a surprise for you that I had to wait till nighttime to prepare!
Gonta: Hmm? Wait till nighttime? What Kioka mean?
Kioka: Youll see, silly! Come with me!
[Kioka takes Gonta by the hands, taking him back to her dorm room to grab what she personally made for Gonta]
Kioka: Okie! Wait one second! I have 2 things I wanna give you!
Gonta: Well, Gonta appreciates gifts very much but..Gonta is just proud to have you as friend, Kioka! That good present for Gonta!
Kioka: Aweeee, that’s sweet Gonta! Still, I worked extra hard so..I hope you’ll love what I got you! Oh! I almost forgot! I should get Angie and Himiko!
[Kioka runs off, getting her 2 bestest friends who helped her put together the surprise as she smiles and runs back to Gonta]
Angie: Oh Gonta! Has Kioka shown you yet her little surprise? I must admit, it’s truly a masterpiece that even Atua would just adore!
Himiko: Nyeh..But I got woken up from my magical slumber..Though, if it’s for Gonta. That’s ok too.
Kioka: Teehee! Well, lemme get it first!
[Kioka rushes into her dorm first grabbing a drawing she made for Gonta, and runs out giving it to Gonta making the happiest smile]
Kioka: I made it just for you, Gonta! See? It’s me and you, in the fields with the bees! Remember? That time you taught me not to be afraid of bees?
Gonta: Gonta love it very much, Kioka! Gonta will cherish it forever!
Kioka: Yay! But that’s not all! Cmon, I’ll show you!
Angie: Nyahahaha! It’s time for the most spectacular part of all!
Himiko: I just hope Gonta will love it, considering how hard we worked to put it together..But thanks to my magic, we pulled through.
[The group walks into Kiokas dorm room as she walks over to the surprise, despite the darkness being hard to navigate through. However she’s thankfully able to pull through, and gets there]
Kioka: Ok Angie! Flip the switch!
Angie: By the Power of Atua! Bless us with light, to shine bright and show Kiokas surprise!
[The lights come on as Gonta sees the surprise. A cute little bug exhibit of a few little fireflies in a jar, and a little Butterfly cage holding a beautiful blue butterfly. Gonta stares in awe, speechless]
Himiko: Uh oh..Is Gonta ok? Maybe I should use my Magic to-
Gonta: It’s..Its beautiful. Gonta love it so much, Kioka! Thank you!
[Kioka jumps in happiness clapping as she rushes to Gonta, as he gently hugs the girl while letting out little tears at a time]
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2022.01.24 03:22 MetalJunkie101 Help me name my headquarters in my time-traveling spelljammer campaign.

It's not MY campaign; I'm a player in it. I'm the captain of a space and time travelling spelljammer ship known as "The Redivider", ('Redivider' being a palindrome). I work for the Council of Space-Time and it's my job to fix timeline corruption. Think TVA agent from Loki.
Anyhoo, the DM is letting me create the headquarters as a part of my backstory. Aesthetically, it takes inspiration from MC Escher's Relativity. His idea was to call it the Citdal. I do like it, but I'm also interested to see what alternatives you guys can come up with, just in case there's something better.
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2022.01.24 03:22 curruptedkiller does lotr have any type of site like hs replay ?

i’ve been playing poros but i wanna know what the best cards to keep are :)
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